The Best Dropshipping Niche Ideas 2018

June 13, 2018
A catalogue of 86 dropshipping niche ideas for 2018 includes instructions with criteria and a checklist of a promising niche to inspire you to produce your own best niche idea.
A research provider eMarketer forecasts growth of retail ecommerce sales worldwide on 23.2% to $2,290 trillion this year. China and the US will combine for $1.584 trillion in ecommerce sales, representing 69.1% of global ecommerce. Ten of the largest ecommerce markets in the world by country are the following:
When you decide to be a part of ecommerce industry and launch your own online shop, the first question that appears in mind is "what products to sell?". Below you may find a list of profitable niche ideas for a dropshipping business model.

Dropshipping Niche Ideas and their Products

If you consider none of these niche appeals to you, read some instructions below. This may call to mind a profitable niche.

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Criteria for Niche Selection
First, your niche should be specialized. If you focus on the category which is too wide, you will face with many competitors. In this case, you will have to spend all (or almost all) of your income on advertising campaigns. It's clear that it is tempting to have as many consumers as possible. But appealing to the masses leads to tough competition. For instance, cycling eyewear. It's not sports goods which are about a comprehensive range, it's not even goods for cycling but cycling eyewear.
A niche should be also profitable. In ideal, an entrepreneur should collect the most profitable dropshipping products in one online store. For instance, a backless bra wholesale price is about $3, an end-user price is arround from $6 till $15. A buyer price of garden gloves with claws is $3, a consumer price is from $7 till $15. A profit size should be at least 100%.
The category you choose should be topical. In this case you will always have sales. Time-sensitive or season sensitive products, or too specific goods are topical for some period of time or for a very small group of people that will not make you sufficient capital turnover. For instance, phone covers are always sold. Everybody has a mobile phone, we need them to save gadgets from damage. It is also an accessory for us. We change phone accessories pretty often. They are requested most often when new models are released. This frequently happens. So, phone covers are topical.
There is a secret of your best niche, you should be a fan of it too. In this case, you will easily find auditory with alike interests and present the goods in the most attractive way. Your inspiring attitude will make right effect.
Competitive. Check niche popularity via Google search. If there is competition, examine it before you decline the niche. As the position of the existing stores may be weak in some ways (promotion, quality, pictures, description, not user-friendly interface, delivery period, poor choice of products, price, etc.).
Uniqueness is a preferable niche characteristic. There should be nothing like that in the local stores or the popular stores like Amazon or Walmart. Otherwise people would prefer not to wait for delivery from your store.
There should be clearly defined target audience. Products promotion via social media like Facebook and Instagram or the other online ways like Google Ads will require indication of your customer to drive the fans of the products to your page. You need to determine some parameters: location, age, gender, interests, behavior.
If your niche meets all the above characteristics, my congratulations!
Dropship Niche Ideas: Search Instruments
Analyze trends and hypes with the help of online ecommerce places. For instance, phone cases for new model releases like iPhone 8 will be trending soon.

One may find best-sellers on the marketplaces like Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Dropwow:
Amazon marketplace. Most popular products based on sales of Amazon are accessible in one place. These lists of best-sellers are updated hourly. You may see the categories in the left column. Top 100 most popular Amazon items are displayed in each category.
Best Dropshipping Niche Ideas 2018 - Dropwow dropshipping
eBay marketplace. Top products are collected on the given page for eBay sellers. Click on a category to see the best selling products, trending ones, and new goods.
Best Dropshipping Niche Ideas 2018 - Dropwow dropshipping
Dropwow marketplace offers searching via categories as well as a search bar. The difference between Dropwow from the other marketplaces is that it contains only "the hottest" dropshipping products (not just bestselling items). Dropwow vendors are mostly from China.
Best Dropshipping Niche Ideas 2018 - Dropwow dropshipping
Google trends is a free tool which is used to track tendencies. Just input a niche and see the interest to the topic with time.
Best Dropshipping Niche Ideas 2018 - Dropwow dropshipping
Look around, what are unsatisfied demands of the people around you? The more quantity of demands you will meet, the more profit you will get. Possibly someone wished but couldn't find anything? Or they found items that didn't satisfy them in some way.

If you don't have ideas about unsatisfied requests, it's ok. That's normal as there are already many retail products offered. In addition, people often don't even know what they wish till they learn about it.
Brainstorming may also be a helpful instrument for ideas production. This method of generating creative ideas requires encouraged thinking and suggestion as many ideas as possible from every participant.

To-Do List after Preliminary Niche Selection:
  • Overview competition
  • Determine price
  • Find trusted suppliers
  • It's up to you to decide if you want to test a product before sales or rely on reviews.
Surely analyses will take time and need patience. The better you make preparation, the faster and bigger profit you will make.
Common mistakes:

The most common mistakes which concern niche selection:
  • Appealing to the masses. If you select a popular niche, competition will be tough. So you will spend more while promotion and earn less in the end.
  • Competing by prices.
  • Frequent niche changing.

Non-suitable niches:

Here are some negative characteristics of niches:
  • Branded products.
  • Oversized.
  • Require special permission, certification.
  • Delicate equipment made of glass, mirror, clay, porcelain.
  • Technically sophisticated goods.
  • Products of small margin.
Checklist of Dropshipping Niche
Here is a list of questions you should ask yourself to find your best niche:

  1. Are the products wanted? The products should provide much value at a bargain price.
  2. Does the niche appeal to a small, specialized section of the population? Have a particular part of the audience under focus, instead of competition with numerous companies.
  3. Are there any comparable products offered by other stores both offline and online? Do they have similar functionality and prices? Don't offer routine, follow the strategy of divergence instead.
  4. Will the products be much-needed with the determined end-user prices that include 100% of margin? Profit is must-have. Be aware to calculate it.
  5. What is the target audience of the niche?
Know your client to find the right instrument to reach him/her and sort out of a mass.
Product Portfolio Expansion
Remember to enlarge your product line to create new demand. As a variant you may add items according to currently central events refer to national holidays, sports events, political action, etc. For instance, you may find products concerning Halloween here.

It is reasonable to add products to your store at least 2 months before the actual event. Both promotion and delivery will take time. As regards to Halloween, people start searching theme-based items in the beginning of September.
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