September 5, 2017

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Phone Cases

An interview of one wholesale supplier of phone cases who already has accessories for iPhone 8. He was asked some questions that interest many dropshipping online stores while searching for a reliable vendor.

Promising Dropshipping Niche

The number of mobile phone users increases globally all the time. Different researches confirm this fact. The number of smartphone users in the United States is now 77% from the whole population base. One of the most prosperous markets here is phone accessories and specifically phone cases and bags.

The following market conditions are the drivers of the market growth that make phone cases to be a future-proof field of concern for dropshipping online stores:

  • The number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated to reach 224.3 million in 2017 and it will increase till 270.66 million by 2020*;
  • Users increasingly purchase phone cases and bags not to protect a device from external factors, but in order to emphasize the outer look of the model, its image characteristics. So, phones cases are frequently changed by one smartphone owner;
  • Constant introduction of new models to the market.
*Sourсe: Stastista

Dropshipping Supplier of Phone Cases

We contacted with one of the suppliers of phone accessories from China and asked him some question, considering the answers may interest online stores owners. So, here is our dialogue with Michael Shang, CEO the company.
Note: Apple will introduce new iPhone 8 on September 12, however, the supplier has already got prepared for its launch and phone cases for iPhone 8 are now available for reselling.
— Could you please introduce your brand to us?
— Our brand is called Jake.Secer, we have own branded stores on Dropwow, AliExpress, Wish and Amazon. Our main office is in Huaqiangbei, in Shenzhen. Our core product is phone cases, but we do not sell phone accessories only. Following market trends, we try to work with other product categories.
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Michael Shang, CEO
— What is the best selling product in your store?
— Our best seller is 3 in 1 fisheye lens for mobile phones.
— How many pieces have been sold by now?
— We've already sold more than 100K lenses.
— Do you plan to start selling other products in the category? How often do you update your product range?
— Our company has its own factory, but we do not sell only our products. We cooperate with lots of different factories and plan to release other products soon. If it's needed, we can update our product line every day (smiling).
— What do you do to improve quality?
— We sell products only from trusted partners. Every product is carefully checked before shipment. We do not only care about product quality but about package too. We check the package before sending the order to make sure the end customer will get goods with no defects.
— Do you have your own package design? Is it possible to follow client's design to prepare package?
— Yes, we usually pack the goods following our own rules, but it's possible to negotiate regarding creation a package that is based on client's preferences.
— What is the average customer rating you have on the other platforms?

— The average number is around 97-98%. We care about customer experience, that's why we always do our best to solve customers' problems.
— Where the majority of your customers come from? What countries do you focus on?
— The majority of our customers are from the USA and Russia. Quantity of orders that we get from Southeast Asia increases every day, so we are going to improve our efforts over Southeast Asia in the nearest future.
— How can clients get a discount?
— We give 10%-20% discount to our best customers and wholesalers.
— What is the percentage of disputes you have?
— It's only about 0,3%.
— What is the average daily volume of orders you have?
— It's around 700 orders per day.
— How do you prepare the product description and photos?
— We usually make photos by ourselves, but if we are starting product promotion, we hire a professional photographer to snap pictures for the store. All the description we have in the store are based on real characteristics that a product has.
— Do you have any requirements to dropshipping stores and clients?
— As for our clients, we hope they can be patient while we are solving problems with their orders. As for the stores, we hope they can pass the information clearly to their customers if any questions arise.
— When did you start your business?
— Our company was established about 5 years ago.
— What is the greatest accomplishment of your company?
— Our greatest accomplishment is making our customers satisfied. Our product range is quite wide, so every customer can find something for himself/herself despite his income level.
— What is the perfect client for you?
— Oh, our perfect customer should definitely understand all ecommerce processes. We try our best to fully complete orders we get, but problems can always arise. Perfect customer contacts us immediately and waits patiently until everything is solved.
Items of dropshipping wholesaler
Below you may find the examples of wholesale items that dropshipping manufacturer/vendor Jake.Secer produces for online stores.
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