April 6, 2018

Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]

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Ecommerce competitor analysis may seem to be difficult especially when dropshipping is your first-time business and you don't know much where to start from. The process is time-consuming indeed. Luckily there are some free tools and tips that help to spy on Shopify stores to get necessary information for analyses.
Competitor research in a dropshipping business means we need to respond the following questions to prepare a marketing plan and gain the first sales fast:

  1. Who your competitors are
  2. What products they sell
  3. What prices they offer
  4. What marketing strategies they implement
  5. What Shopify Apps they install
  6. What marketing channels they use / How dropshipping stores get traffic
  7. What are their strengths and weaknesses

Free Services for Spying Shopify Stores

Making a list of competitors is the first step we focus on. In the article, you will find only free tools. There are also fee-paying variants for research but we won't mention them. These free tools should be enough, in addition, newbies spend less to save money on ads.

Step 1 - Find out Who Your Competitors are

1 - Xpareto.com
Xpareto.com is a website that allows finding Shopify stores by inputting a keyword into a search bar.

The spy tool looks like this. As you may see, it keeps records of 28,339 dropshipping stores. All the stores are listed according to daily traffic.
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
Input a keyword which is your niche to the search bar and click "Search" button. For instance, "cycling". You will see a number of dropshipping stores found. There are 16 dropshipping stores related to the "cycling" niche.

Scroll down and you will see a list of these stores. Here you may click on URLs, best-sellers, and Facebook campaigns.
The advantages of the tool are:
  • Free
  • No registration needed
  • Easy to use
  • 1-click best-sellers
  • 1-click Facebook campaigns
  • The number of dropshipping stores is big
2 - Myip.ms
Myip.ms is a website that allows finding hosting companies via IP address. Shopify stores have IP address which is Copy and paste it. Then click on "Other Sites on IP" button.
The total record includes 63,348 websites. The top Shopify stores are displayed first on myip.ms. It's good that the source is big but it will take time to check each and every link to find your competitors.

If you wish to learn how much is revenue of your competitor, do the following:
  • Click on "+" to see a number of visitors per day
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
  • As 2% is a minimal conversion rate, multiply the number of visitors on 0.02 and you will get a number of daily orders.
  • Then, multiply this number by an average price of the store and you will get a daily revenue.
For instance, if 141,000 is a number of daily visitors, 2,820 (141,000×0.02=2,820) is a number of orders. 45,120 (16×2,820=45,120) is a daily revenue.
Note: Do you wish to learn how to price your products properly? Discover 12 pricing strategies.
3 - Shopify Exchange
Exchange.Shopify.com may help to find dropshipping competitors too. Here you may find Shopify stores for sale. Visit the site and choose a category needed. Place a checkmark to sort dropshipping as a business type, $10,000+ as a selling price, $10,000+ as an average monthly revenue.
Find the stores with the same niche, check what revenue these stores made, what traffic they gained, look at the marketing channels and Apps they use.
4 - Turbo Ad Finder
Turbo Ad Finder is a chrome extension that allows to filtering ads on your Facebook newsfeed. When you follow Facebook fan pages within your niche, dropshipping store owners will target ads on you. So, their ads will display in your feed. After installation Turbo Ad Finder chrome extension, you will be able to see only ads in your feed. This way you will find competitive dropshipping stores.
5 - Google Search
Go to Google and search:

  • site:myshopify.com "enter your keyword here"
Use quotation marks to input your keyword which is your niche or a specific product category you sell or plan to sell on your dropshipping store. This way Google will display all the sites related to the niche that have "myshopify.com" in the URL.

For instance, search site:myshopify.com "steampunk". And you will see a list of stores.
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
By the way, it's not common to have "myshopify.com" in the URL but many dropshipping stores still have it. Please don't do it, it's not because someone may find your Shopify store this way. It just doesn't look serious.

  • allinurl: "enter your keyword here"
Google will show you websites that have your niche name in their URLs.
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
  • allintitle: "enter your keyword"
  • it is weird but some dropshipping stores copy and paste a product name of a supplier into their stores. Go to the marketplace, for instance, Dropwow, copy some part of a product name and paste it into Google search.
  • Use Google reverse image search
Click on "Images" > on Сamera sign > either paste an image URL of Dropwow marketplace or upload the image
This way the engine will find and display exact same image published on the other websites. As many dropshippers use images of suppliers, you may find your competitors.

  • Use Google Shopping
When the engine will display your search results, click on Google Shopping to see what is offered by store owners.
6 - Facebook Search
Go to Facebook and input this into a search bar:

  • ''.myshopify.com'' and "enter your keyword here" the same way as on Google.
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
Monitor viral Facebook ads campaigns by inputting these phrases too:
  • Get yours now
  • Get yours here
  • Just pay shipping
  • Only pay shipping
  • Tag a friend
  • Tag someone
  • Like and share
  • Claim yours here
  • Claim yours now
  • Limited supply
  • Giving away 50 free
  • Giving away 100 free
  • 10% OFF
  • 25% OFF
  • 50% OFF
  • 80% OFF
  • Free shipping
  • Buy here
  • Buy this
  • Get it here
Input tee platforms:
  • Teespring.com
  • Fabrily.com
  • Teechip.co
  • Sunfrog.com
  • Teezily.com
  • Teelily.com
  • Viralstyle.com
  • Canvus.com
  • Represent.com
  • Threadmeup.com
  • Teeblaster.com
  • Inktothepeople.com
  • Redbubble.com
  • Zazzle.com
  • Cafepress.com
  • Gearbubble.com
  • Tfund.com
Search for lead generation sites:
  • clickfunnels.com
  • leadpages.net
  • kajabi.com
Use URL shorteners:
  • goo.gl
  • bitly.com
  • bit.ly
  • bit.do
  • tinyurl.com
  • ow.ly
  • t.co
  • buff.ly

Look at posts and videos. Check engagement: a number of shares, likes, comments, clicks. If you see big numbers, click a store link to learn more.
If you find posts with "goo.gl" or "bit.ly", copy this URL and add "+" or ".info" in the URL bar. Here is analytics with a number of clicks, timeframe, and countries.
You may insert several phrases at once. Only insert "and" between them, for instance, "Buy here" and "unicorn".
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
For those who know your competitors, go to their Facebook pages and click "Info and ads" to see all the sponsored posts they have right now in one feed.
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
I don't recommend to copy successful Shopify stores. No way. Make a market research, look what dropshippers already do and how they do it. Make a marketing plan and a product research that will help you to be commercially viable and stand out.
7 - Pinterest Search
This social network is popular among ecommerce stores including dropshipping ones. Pinterest is one more free tool that responds to the questions "how to find competitors". Input a product name, search through image reverse function.
When you made a list of competitors within the niche include big retailers too as you need to analyze the whole market but not only Shopify stores. Now it's time to go deeper and make a short list of top competitors only. As a list we have in the end should consist of the most successful stores, we may use other tools to learn if stores from our list have sales, what their best-sellers are.
Step 2 - Check What Traffic They Gain
8 - Worth of web
Visit Worthofweb.com, click "Website value calculator" and input a store link you wish to check. Scroll down till you see a website traffic.
How to calculate what revenue your competitors have? Multiply the estimated traffic volume per day on 0.02 to calculate their estimated number of daily orders. A conversation rate may be higher than 2% but we don't know details and the service shows an estimated (not exact) number of visits. You may calculate their least revenue. Take the lowest price from the list of best-sellers and multiply it by the number of orders. So you'll get an approximate amount of their revenue per day.
9 - Commerce Inspector
Commerce inspector is a chrome extension you may easily install and see some competitor insights about traffic statistics:
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
How dropshipping stores get traffic? Use Commerce inspector to see traffic sources.
What social media do they use as marketing channels? This chrome extension displays this information too.
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
What Apps do they use? Click on "Apps" to learn the information
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
Note: Use several methods for online competitor analysis to make a short list of your key competitors. Google search doesn't mean dropshipping stores you find have traffic and sales accordingly. Check the stores you find via Commerce inspector chrome extension.
Step 3 - Find out What Best-Sellers They Have
When you find a competitive Shopify store, click the link and add this to the end of their base domain to find best selling items of the store: /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling.

You will get to the page with best selling items.
Competitor Analysis: How to Spy On Shopify Stores [Free Tools]
Final Thoughts
When your short list is ready, check competitors' actions and promotions, email list building methods, delivery and shipping details. Pay much attention to product pages specifically to the elements on their product pages. Find out what are their weaknesses and strengths (loyalty, brand strength, for instance) and make your own marketing plan taking into consideration all this information.
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