August 2, 2018

Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018

Let's uncover the hottest dropshipping trends and supply each trend with tips to inspire you with ideas and empower your ecommerce business.

Note: these trends and tips are actual for action makers. If you think about how to start a dropshipping business and wish to learn steps, there is another article. The listed dropshipping tips and trends befit more for those who launched a new store and create Facebook ads.

#1 Dropshipping Trend - Discount

If you think what a discount rate should be to motivate shoppers to purchase, the answer is 20% is a steep discount that works best.

The world's #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform Salesforce recently announced a report for the first quarter of 2018. It included data from 843 ecommerce stores (aka the company's consumers). The data included the activity of more than 500 million shoppers worldwide.

The report says that 19% is an average discount rate of shopping in the 1st quarter of 2018. It doesn't mean you should always offer this discount to have sales, as 10% is a common first order discount offered on dropshipping stores for new visitors.

Dropshipping Tip: Be ready to offer 20% off in cases when you wish to motivate hard your consumers to purchase much or intend to follow up your "heated" shoppers.

#2 Dropshipping Trend - Shipping

The report says that share of total orders that shipped at no cost to the shoppers were 64%. It means in 64% of orders had free shipping option. By the way, it was 71% in the fourth quarter of 2017, as you know it's the period of the biggest sales.

Dropshipping Tip: Offer free shipping and limit your offer by time or an amount of money, for instance, an average purchase size.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
#3 Dropshipping Trend - Average Order Value
The average purchase size increased by $2 in comparison with the prior period which is the 4th quarter of 2017. It's a good news, right? Now the average purchase amount reached $118,14.
#4 Dropshipping Trend - Visit Duration
The per-visit amount of time spent on site by shoppers is 4 minutes.

Dropshipping Tip: Retarget your audience that spent 2-3 minutes on your store and left without purchasing. These shoppers showed apparent interest in spending this time. If you have few orders, target look-alike audience that spent over 2-3 minutes.

Dropshipping Tip: If there were no sales and a visit duration time is around 3 minutes, think of how you may hold attention to extend your store visits by 4 minutes. For instance, accelerate speed load, add "Recently viewed", "Customers also bought" videos, infographic, internal links to pages like About us, etc.
#5 Dropshipping Trend - Cost per Click
$2.19 is the average amount that ecommerce store spent per each visit. Check your cost per click and sales volume each click provides.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
#6 Dropshipping Trend - Revenue Growth
14% is a revenue growth of an ecommerce store every 3 months which is roughly 50-70% in a year.

Dropshipping Tip: Set a goal to increase revenue on 15% minimum within the next 3 months.
#7 Dropshipping Trend - Traffic Growth
Traffic increases on 9% on a quarterly basis.

Dropshipping Tip: Once every three months add a new sales channel and sure develop current sales channels. Always ask yourself 3 questions: how you may increase revenue, how you may increase conversion, how you may increase an average order value.
#8 Dropshipping Trend - Ad Headline
A headline of your Facebook ads should consist of no more than 5 words to be successful.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
AdEspresso analyzed over 750 thousand Facebook ads that were created during the last 5 years. The report they recently launched tells about key features of the most clickable Facebook ads. The company offers services for advertisers and media agencies to create, analyze, and optimize their Facebook advertisements.

Besides the best headlines start with numbers. For instance, "40% OFF Summer Dresses".

Dropshipping Tip: Squeeze information within allotted 5-word limit and supplement numbers at the beginning.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
#9 Dropshipping Trend - Ad Text
19 words are great for your ads on Facebook.

Dropshipping Tip: Exclude long text with dots as such advertisings decrease click-through rate. Stick to the 19-word suggestion.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
#10 Dropshipping Trend - Ad Text Length
The experiment proved that 1 paragraph performs best in comparison with one sentence, 3 paragraphs, 6 paragraphs, text with bullets or emoji.
#11 Dropshipping Trend - Ad Link Description
Facebook ads with 13-word link descriptions perform best.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
Dropshipping Tip: Try not to exceed the word quantity benchmark, furthermore add new information there. For instance, Wide Size Range, New Petite Collection, Summer Top Seller, etc.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
#12 Dropshipping Trend - Urgency
A sense of urgency motivates an audience to click.

Dropshipping Tip: Limit your offers by time or quantity to reach the best performance. For instance, 50% OFF for the first 30 orders, 30% OFF during the next 2 days or today only.
#13 Dropshipping Trend - Facebook Adspend
"How much should I spend to reach how many people?" is a frequently asked question related to Facebook targeting. For those who are not sure what budget is required for a specific number of audience, here is the answer:

  • If your daily budget is $5 (or $150 per month), your Facebook ads audience should be 50,000 - 200,000 people to make the algorithm work to the maximum and get the best reach.
  • If your daily budget is $16-17 ($500 per month) for one ad set, your Facebook ads audience should be no more than 700,000 people.
  • If your daily budget is $17-50, your Facebook ads audience should be no more than 2 million people.
#14 Dropshipping Trend - Customer Service
Improving the shopping experience is not a new trend, however, since June 12 it's very preferable for those who use Facebook targeting.

The point is that Facebook launched a new tool to get feedback from those who clicked on ads and got some service or products. They wish to learn if businesses satisfy consumers. Facebook says that the worst thing that may happen to advertisers is the following "we will reduce the amount of ads that particular business can run. This can continue to the point of banning the advertiser".
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
#15 Dropshipping Trend - U.S. Phone Number
Every dropshipping store owner who lives and works not in the United States may get a local phone number for $3-$9 per month.

The new app called OpenPhone was recently launched ($9/month). It allows having unlimited calls, a recorded voicemail greeting, etc. The most applicable feature for dropshipping stores is a possibility to record answers to frequently asked questions to let consumers get responses automatically. You may also use Sonetel that costs less than $3 per month.

People think a store is legit, as there is a U.S. phone number. Plus, you provide custom support.
#16 Dropshipping Trend - Instagram Publishing
The minimal frequency of post publishing on Instagram is once per 2 days, as Instagram recently launched a new feature "You're All Caught Up". According to it when followers look through the posts published within the last 2 days, the message appears:
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
Dropshipping Tip: Remember about 2-day frequency but Instagram Stories should be your priority. Roughly 30% of traffic is accounted for Instagram Stories.
#17 Dropshipping Trend - Stories as a New Sales Channel
Instagram Stories not only attract more traffic than posts but since recently Instagram users may shop without leaving Instagram. Online store owners may add hashtags with links to their Stories. When buyers click the links, they won't have to leave Instagram app to buy. It's one of the greatest ways to increase the revenue of Instagram sales channel.
Hot Dropshipping Tips and Trends 2018
#18 Dropshipping Trend - New Releases
Online stores get ready for new releases annually, this trend especially concerns smartphones. A mobile phone accessory market grows every year. The statistic shows the revenue of the global mobile phone accessory market is going to reach 68.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2018.

Dropshipping Tip: As mobile phone accessories are extremely popular among dropshipping stores, get ready for the new iPhone release which is scheduled for September. Keep tracking new screen protectors and phone cases for dropshipping marketplaces to import the products to your store. They are already offered for selling. Look here.
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