February 12, 2018

Key Elements of Effective Product Pages

A product page is the most important page of an ecommerce store. When it's doing its job, two magic things happen here - customers hit the spot finding something they need, sellers gain their purpose and get satisfied customers. Implementation of the listed below elements will help to improve usability of your dropshipping product pages, inspire trust and have conversion in the end.

Title and Description of Dropshipping Products

  • Write unique names and description. Many stores that offer the same products paste the standard description of suppliers. It negatively affects rating in search results. Do not use title and description of a supplier. Unique content is indexed better, so it's good for SEO. It also attracts customers' attention.
  • Pay attention to keywords. It's worth analyses of the most popular wordings used by the targeted audience that search for products you sell. Keywords may be mentioned in product description and metadata. This will ease customers search process. Use Google Keyword Planner to search for keywords.
  • Focus on advantages and special aspects. Customers prefer to give a cursory glance without paying much attention to the content of a product description. That's why benefits and advantage features should stand out.

Here is an example how Best Buy lists and describes specific features making the information comprehensible:
Dropshipping Website: Elements of Effective Product Pages
  • Indicate product value. Psychological studies of consumers proved that people care more about value than cost.
  • Add emotional triggers to the description. A name of the given below example tells about exclusivity, its description refers to the perfect taste of a customer.
Dropshipping Website: Elements of Effective Product Pages
  • Don't write too much text. Customers wish to get answers to these two questions on a product page: what is it, how much it costs.

However, expensive products should be described more. For instance, this leather chair of Crate & Barrel costs $1 600, some customers will need an explanation why the price is so high. For this very purpose, emphasis is made on the quality of materials, production process and durability.
Dropshipping Website: Elements of Effective Product Pages
  • Mark best-seller. Tell your store visitors about the hottest models. There is a physiological effect called "a bandwagon effect". According to it, the more customers buy a product, the more people tend to buy it too. People like to follow that's why shops tell about the most popular items.
Dropshipping Website: Elements of Effective Product Pages
  • Add size options. If you sell clothing and upload pictures with models who wear it, state their height, chest size, waist line and size of the clothes they wear like Iconic shop does:
Dropshipping Website: Elements of Effective Product Pages
When you add a size table, make it visible on a product page. Do not offer to visit other pages and PDF-files downloading. This may decrease conversion. Nothing should draw attention away from purchasing.

Prices of Dropshipping Products

  • Make the most expensive products to be ridiculously expensive. According to the asymmetric dominance effect, all the variants you offer after the most expensive one are perceived as more accessible. Frame the products you wish to sell with expensive items for extremely high prices.

  • Make simple prices. Our brain needs more time to process phonetically long numbers. People detect a price as low the less syllables are used to pronounce it. Simple prices make customers feel more comfortable to make purchases. Set prices with less number of syllables.
  • Set attractive prices with 95 or 99 ending. "Nine-ending prices are perceived to be smaller than a price one cent higher. (e.g., $2.99 vs. $3.00)" tells Thomas Morwitz in his research.
  • Set a standard price, a special price including a discount and an amount people save. Illustrate an amount of money or/and a percent people save when you offer discounts. Amazon practices this effect which means it works.
Dropshipping Website: Elements of Effective Product Pages
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Building Customer Confidence
  • Indicate free return policy. A possibility to return a purchase reduces a risk of fail purchases. This element is a must-have on a product page. Through you state, this information on other pages of your store, display it here too.
  • Reveal customer reviews. Showcase customer reviews of those who already bought our products. It's easier to make a decision to purchase after reading reviews. According to statistics online reviews have been shown to impact 67.7% of purchasing decisions, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Note: Leave negative reviews as they establish credibility.
  • Show customer rating. Pay attention to customer star rating on Amazon.com. Every consumer may define a satisfaction rating by a 5-point scale. This rating means a product-quality index for a store visitors.
  • Install Shopify app that creates social proof. In the overview of the apps, we explain how it helps to increase sales by notifying each real-time visitor that other people purchased products from the dropshipping store. This Shopify app shows this notification even there no sales have been made yet.
Why Buy Here and Now
A major mistake of 90% of stores is a lack of motivation why a store visitor should purchase from this store. Product pages inform mostly about advantages of an item but it doesn't tell why it is a better place for purchase. Possibly you provide warranty, exclusive products, prices or something else, so tell about it.

Time-limited deals inspire more store visitors to buy now and less leave to think. The examples of such offers are:
  • Special sales and discounts
  • Free gifts
  • Limited stock
  • Buy more, save more
  • Holiday promotions
  • Coupon giveaway
Note: A Shopify app with countdown timer is a perfect solution for creating a sense of urgency.
Upsell/Cross Sell of Dropshipping Products
Suggest related products as known from Amazon.com and proved to work for the giant of ecommerce shop Frequently bought together feature. You may offer You might also like or recommend Complete the look if you offer clothes. Offer ideas and the herd instinct to work for you.
Other Elements of Dropshipping Product Pages
If we sum up a minimum set of component a product page should contain, we'll have the following:

  • Delivery. In ideal, a text should include shipping cost and standard shipping time. This should decrease the number of abandoned carts by those who learn delivery details during checkout. Mention about delivery in short.
  • URL should be canonical and include a product title.
  • High-quality product images. There is no doubt you agree. Note: remember to resize pictures before uploading, this affects download speed. Use TinyPNG, it's an online service for optimizing pictures.
  • Multiple view images to view products
  • Call-to-action button. Add to cart or Add to bag buttons
  • Video
  • Social media buttons
  • Live chat feature
  • Shopify App that motivates visitors to give you their email addresses. Read the overview of a dropshipping app that fulfills this task.
Conclusion (not the ends)
Create effective product pages by implementation a majority of listed above elements. Be aware that further testing and improvement will be required. This way globally top ecommerce stores grew and became internationally known. If you just started your dropshipping business, use tried and tested ecommerce ideas, rely on the experience of other online shops, take advantage of their best practices and upgrade your dropshipping product pages.
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