September 24, 2018

Shopify Store Email Marketing Guide for Beginners

Shopify email marketing may be your powerhouse for generating sales in dropshipping. Learn how to create effective email marketing strategy, how to collect an email list, what to send and how often to send.

How Important is Email Marketing for Your Dropshipping Business

Email marketing application benefits:
Increased margin/Zero cost CPO (cost per order) - you increase your income for FREE, so you have a free traffic opportunity unlike with Facebook targeting
Repeat customers - you remind your "warm" audience that knows you and likes you (as they already purchase from you) about your company and your products
Ideal for testing products - send an email to the people in your email list to make a market research. As all of them are your target audience, you may get and analyze their reaction. It is great in those cases when an email list includes 3 000 - 5 000 people. However, it is still meaningful for 1 000 emails
One more sales channel - scale your business by increasing the number of sales channels. I explained scaling tactics in the article "11 powerful ways to scale your Facebook ads" and email marketing is valuable too at least because it's free and your audience is "warm" that is you have higher chances to succeed
In the least, 15-20% of monthly dropshipping sales are contributed from email marketing. Mainly the percentage is higher (30-40%) with a bigger list.
Customer for life - share valuable information and valuable products, send emails stably without annoying folks too much
Automated process - the process of adding an email to the list and then sending emails may be automated. Sure you will need to install one of the email marketing Shopify apps mentioned below, set everything up, create emails using numerous templates
Now you see how powerful email marketing is in ecommerce. Let's learn how you may build your email list.

How to Collect an Email List and Grow It

  • Pop-ups or newsletter signup forms may help to get emails - some people may not buy but wish to get coupons with a discount on the first order, they will give you emails to get coupons
  • Abandoned carts - when people start purchasing and then leave a store, so you get their emails and may work with them. Not only Facebook retargeting ads but email marketing is effective in term of retargeting too
  • After purchases, you get emails too
  • Give away something for free - build a landing page for a cheap product and ask people to enter their emails.
The Best Shopify Email Marketing Strategy
Let's see the exact email marketing strategy that works. It shows how you can make email marketing to work for your Shopify store. This is your content plan for the first month and frequency of communication:
Day 1 - Thank you email
It's also called "Order confirmation" email in Shopify. Go to "Settings" > "Notifications" to find a ready template. A text usually is like this one:

"Thank you for purchasing this product from our store. Hope the product will be very useful for you. We will be sending regular information about the products and related offers. Hope you will have a wonderful day."

This email is official and should include notification about further emails. There should be no surprise for customers.
Day 4 - Related products with a bundle offer
Sending just a product is not enough. Give them a reason to buy. Send 2-3 products together and make a discounted bundle offer. You don't lose anything as remarketing consumers will not cost you anything. An amount of money you include in your margin for advertising expenses may be offered as a discount.

For instance, if your expenses on Facebook ads are 30%, you may offer a 20-25% discount and your margin will still be increased.
Day 8 - Value info
Send something your audience is interested in. Use this tool to find the most engaging content related to your niche. Read also how to use Google to search for audience interests, for instance, niche blogs, news, tutorials, recommendations, hacks, etc.
Day 12 - New product launch offer
At this step you may test your products to see how people respond to your product, what is the percentage of those who click and purchases. If you get many clicks and orders, create a test Facebook targeting ad campaign for this product. When a free traffic brings you sales, it's a good sign.

Remember to make an offer for your new product via email. As the traffic is free for you, make a discount as a motivation to purchase.
Day 16 - Value info
This email makes your customers feel you don't treat them like a bag of money. Help them to get value giving relevant content. This way they become loyal to you and get engaged with your emails.
Day 20 - Free Plus Shipping offer
This tactic is very popular in dropshipping though some people say it doesn't work or it's already dead.

Benefits of implementing a Free Plus Shipping offer in email marketing of a dropshipping store:
  • Testing whether a product is responding. You may further promote this product via Facebook for a retail price.
  • Gain profit even when a sales price is $9.95 and a product costs $4. You earn $6.95

Free Plus Shipping tips for email marketing:
  • Remember to make a catalog style email with 6-10 items with a Free Plus Shipping offer. When you offer a product range, you will be able to test which product is responding, which one is a winner.
  • Send this promotion once a month. Don't send it too often, emails should be multifarious.
  • Learn about criteria for Free Plus Shipping offer in a dropshipping business.
Day 24 - Value info
Day 28 - A retail offer with a discount coupon
Again, email marketing costs you nothing as you don't spend money on it, so you don't lose anything offering a discount that doesn't exceed your expenses on ads.

Discount coupons are created in a Shopify store:
Shopify Store Email Marketing Guide for Beginners
Day 32 - Conduct a survey
Ask what type of product people liked if you have a niche store. Or, ask about a niche they liked if you run a general store. The goal of a survey is getting the information required for segmenting your audience and make personalized email marketing further to convert even more. Use Google Forms to create and analyze surveys. It's a free tool from Google. Analyse the results and repeat your sequence.
About email segmentation
When you make segmentation keep in mind that there are 2 types of audience segmentation:

  1. Consumer segmentation
  2. Behavior segmentation
    • Purchase history

In short about personalized email marketing: if women bought red bags, offer them red skirts. Don't offer green sneakers to those who already bought them last week.
According to this email sequence, you send 1 email per 4 days and alternate your offers with valuable information. It's very important in email marketing to accustom shoppers to read your emails. Offers make your emails attractive and increase conversion.
Shopify Email Marketing Apps and Services
  • MailChimp - Appropriate for beginners as it's free for up to 2 000 subscribers and 12 000 emails per month, there are ready templates. It provides great deliverability as MailChimp works with ISPs and corporate domains to ensure your emails are recognized as safe and approved.
When your email list grows and you're ready to use paid email services, there are other variants:
There are even more professional email marketing software but these email service providers are popular.

The best part about using an email service provider is that you automate the whole process. It works like this:
  • As soon as someone orders a product from you, their email is added to your email list automatically
  • You set up an autoresponder to send your first offer via email in 4 days automatically
  • Then the system will send the other offers to the same person in every 4 days

You won't have to add any email yourself, you won't need to send each email individually. The only thing you need to do is set up the process ones and it will work for every customer you have.

Track the following data while making email marketing analyses:
  • Open rate - a ratio between the total number of email subscribers and those who opened your email to read
  • Click rate - a ratio between the total number of email subscribers and those who clicked the links in your email
  • Conversion into purchases - a ratio between the total number of email subscribers and those who purchases
  • Unsubscribe rate - a ratio of people who unsubscribed
  • Email list growth
  • Average purchase size
Don't wait till you build a huge email list, start from the very beginning. If you contact a person who purchased something long ago, the shopper may not even recall your store. Expect low engagement and neutral respondence in case of delay.
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