FEBRUARY 16, 2018

Facebook Targeting from Scratch to 6-figure for Dropshipping Stores [VIDEOS]

The best practices of successful dropshippers in a single guide with killer tips
People all over the world start dropshipping business. Many entrepreneurs fail, some gain success. We've collected the best practices of successful dropshippers into a single guide with killer Facebook tips. If you're ready for hustle, let's begin.

If you're not in the business, you should already know that YouTube is an endless source of information about dropshipping and what it includes. Many industry experts have blogs where they share for free or attract an audience to offer fee-paying courses and mentorship.

In the post we've collected the main issues and how-tos both for those who only think to start a dropshipping business and those who already dropship.

    Why Use Facebook for Dropshipping

    Facebook is probably the most tricky topic that interests the vast majority of dropshippers. Not only beginners wonder how to get more from their campaigns. There are two reasons for that: first, Facebook is the most popular sales channel among dropshippers and it's a major source of traffic during the whole lifetime of an ecommerce store. So, why Facebook:

    • Reason one - global popularity
    • Reason two - it collects all the information needed to target audience by only inputting parameters into a campaign
    • Reason three - it includes Instagram which is probably the second sales channel in a dropshipping business.

    The general scheme of work looks like this:
    Facebook Targeting from Scratch to 6-figure for Dropshipping Stores - Dropwow
    If everything goes well there are sales after a page visit (what to do when people visit a product page and leave it and leave during checkout process are the topics we're going to touch later).

    The first step we start with is basic stuff. As it's logic to learn first about Facebook initial features and understand how it works before creating the first ad.

    Step 1 - Learn Basic Facebook Elements

    Here are the videos with short previews. Hack: change "Speed" setting to watch YouTube videos faster.
    Basic Elements of Facebook Ads
    56:08 min watch
    Joaquin Corrales tells basic elements of Facebook ads and how to implement them (56:08 min watch).
    After watching you will learn everything from starting your own campaigns, ad sets, ads, to how to target the right audiences and create Facebook lookalike audiences.
    Complete Facebook Advertising Overview
    47:00 min watch
    Here is one more tutorial for beginners made by Fred Lam (47:00 min watch). In this video training, you'll learn the complete Facebook advertising overview, explaining the 11 marketing objectives within Facebook ads, step by step walkthrough on creating a powerful Facebook ad.
    Facebook's Audience Insights
    24:26 min watch
    Shankar Rao shows a free tool called Facebook's Audience Insights (24:26 min watch). It's offered by Facebook, it's inside of the platform. After watching the video you will learn what is Facebook's Audience Insights tool and how to use it for building out the interests that you're going to put inside of your Facebook click campaign.
    Step 2 - Build Initial Campaign (Facebook Targeting)
    The bloggers in the above videos explained Facebook initial elements. Now we're going to learn how to build a campaign and what parameters to set for Facebook targeting.
    How to Build a Campaign
    17:31 min watch
    Hayden Bowles shows how to build a campaign. In addition the blogger comments what works for him (17:31 min watch): how many products there should be in one campaign, what a conversion event to select, how many countries to select, how many interests to select, what should be the size range, how much money to spend, when to kill ads, etc.
    How Facebook Targeting Works
    24:51 min watch
    Tristan Broughton tells how Facebook targeting works and what parameters work for him (24:51 min watch). For instance, he offers the following parameters for testing: $6 per day, video ad as it's the cheapest per click, Facebook only, news feed, the US only, 250-600K audience size, flex targeting, testing 6 products at a time. After an explanation of his strategy, he shows how to build an ad.
    How to Spy on Your Competitors
    9:10 min watch
    Ivan tells about two online services you may use to spy on your competitors and get ideas of effective Facebook ads, in case you prepare your first ad and need inspiration (9:10 min watch). One is free, the other has 14-day free trial. Btw, the one which is free is very detailed. Here are the links to the services AdEspresso & Swiped-Worthy
    Tip: there are 9 more free tools you may use to spy on your competitors.
    3 Step Strategy
    10:44 min watch
    Rory Ganon tells about 3 step strategy (10:44 min watch). The strategy helped him to scale the Shopify store and make $3,000 per day.
    Your Facebook Ads are Not Working?
    When a Facebook campaign is launched, there are mosly two variants of scenarios:

    Product view and no sales. If the audience flow leaves your product page without checkout, probably there is something wrong with your product page. As they have clicked on your product page, it means your audience has interest in your product. Maybe they leave "to think" as they are not motivated enough to purchase now. Take a look at the elements that make a product page effective to improve your product page.
    Facebook Targeting from Scratch to 6-figure for Dropshipping Stores - Dropwow
    Product is added to cart and no sales. If the audience flow leaves during checkout, check this step. Maybe additional expenses appear they were not ready to see them, or something else is wrong. Remember that it's not that bad that they leave at this step. It means you need to work on Facebook retargeting, as you already have contacts and know what product or product interest these contacts have to you may target them again.
    Facebook Targeting from Scratch to 6-figure for Dropshipping Stores - Dropwow
    Let's see how we may return visitors to make purchases.
    Step 3 - Return Visitors (Facebook Retargeting)
    Usually, there are three reasons to use Facebook retargeting:
    1. Return visitors who visited and left to make purchases
    2. Return visitors with abandoned carts to finish purchases
    3. Return visitors who purchased to cross-sell
    How Retargeting Works
    19:47 min watch
    Jimmy Kim tells how retargeting works and how to do it (19:47 min watch). Jimmy gives a very detailed explanation of basics.
    How to Set Up a Retargeting Campaign
    25:38 min watch
    Miles Beckler shows how to set up a retargeting campaign that's conversion optimized inside of Facebook advertising platform (25:38 min watch). In the end, Miles creates two Facebook retargeting campaigns for testing. "I have two campaigns running to the same ad. I'm testing them against each other. I'm excluding people who are engaged in my ad. I'm excluding who has taken the action I have desired," - Miles comments.
    Facebook Abandoned Cart Retargeting
    9:05 min watch
    Ecommerce Laboratory tells about Facebook abandoned cart retargeting (9:05 min watch).
    Step 4 - How to Scale Facebook Ad Campaign
    If we go back to the scheme we used first for visuality, we see a general situation - we launched Facebook campaign, got visitors who then converted into customers. When this happens, it means you've done everything right: found a winning product, created an effective product page and made the right targeting. So our task, for now, is scaling.

    Different dropshippers have their own strategy. On the videos below bloggers share the "formulas" that work for them.
    Facebook Ads Scaling Strategy
    19:33 min watch
    Tristan Broughton tells about his Facebook ads scaling strategy he uses on his Shopify store (19:33 min watch).
    How to Maximize Revenue
    20:34 min watch
    Rory Ganon shows how to set retargeting ads to maximize your revenue (20:34 min watch).
    4 Scaling Strategies
    18:13 min watch
    Jordan Welch goes over 4 scaling strategies your Facebook ads campaigns. The blogger also tells when to scale (18:13 min watch).
    4 Scaling Strategies
    12:12 min watch
    Hayden Bowles talks about how to do Facebook ads for your Shopify dropshipping store, specifically how to analyze campaigns and how to scale (12:12 min watch).
    Conclusion: Every entrepreneur has its own formula for effective Facebook targeting. You may either implement the methods and strategies others offer or you may develop your own ones. It's all about testing, testing, testing. Do not expect to have easy wins running a dropshipping business. Be ready to test and analyze consistently.
    Product search is the first step of every campaign. Implementing specifically trending products for Facebook targeting are the best for gaining sales faster. Every week a new collection of trending products is posted. Get your bonus to boost sales of your store.
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