September 19, 2018

Facebook Video Advertising: The Complete Guide 2018

The best practices and tips for Facebook video ads campaigns
Facebook video ad is the second most popular Facebook ad type after single image ads. Now it's getting even more popular. In the article, you learn tips and strategies to have converting Facebook video ads. Find free and fee-paying tools for dropshipping and it doesn't matter if you are skilled in filming and video editing or not. This guide is made for complete beginners.

Why make video ads? Advantages of video ads as against the other formats:
  • Video ads are cost-effective so you may spend less on your Facebook ad campaigns
  • They have more chances for viral effect so you may get organic (free) traffic
  • Companies that use videos in their marketing have 27% higher click-through rate and 34% higher conversion rates than those that don't. Source: Buffer

Facebook Video Ad Types

Globally there are 2 video ad types on Facebook.
Mobile video: get a physical product and make a product demonstration using your smartphone. Appropriate for goods that require demonstration, for instance, fruit or vegetable cutters.
Source: Facebook
Slideshow video with text overlay: use suppliers' images on Dropwow or a marketplace you use as a product source for a video creation. Appropriate for items that may be shown in static, for instance, jewelry, pillow covers, phone cases, etc.
Source: Facebook
As we're saying about video ads in terms of a dropshipping business, I should mention some more Facebook video types that are often used for products promotion:
Letterboxing with text and emoji: the most appropriate for products related to a passion and potentially viral products.
Source: Facebook
Text overlay slide ins: the most appropriate for products that require explanation, for instance, kitchen gadgets
Source: Facebook
Video-image hybrids: the most appropriate for split testing when you already have the best performing video ad creative
Source: Facebook

How to Create a Video for Facebook Video Ads

There are 4 variants of Facebook video creation:

1 - Create a unique standout video yourself. Get a physical product from your supplier or find the same product on Amazon (the 2nd variant is suitable for those who live in the US, as you may get the product fast). Film a video yourself. Your content will be unique.

2 - Ask your supplier to send you a video and tell that you plan to increase sales volume if you really plan it. Then you may use video editors, for instance, those which are mentioned below.

3 - Use fee-paying sources with ready videos for Facebook video ads and product ideas. As a rule, the services also offer detailed Facebook targeting and ad texts:

4 - Some people also find ready videos with high engagement on Facebook and use them. For those who think how to get videos from Facebook, there are free online downloaders. I can't recommend this variant, especially if videos are copyrighted. This variant is unethical and not safe.
Video Editors for Facebook Video Ads
Use these video editors to add letterboxing, emoji and text overlay.

  • Video creation kit is for those who think how to make a video on Facebook.
Facebook Video Ads: The Complete Guide 2018
This free Facebook tool allows creating a mobile-first video on Facebook using your images with text overlays. It was recently launched. The best part is that it is extremely easy to use. Select a template that fits your goals and customize it: promote a product (6 seconds), sell multiple products (6 seconds), show product benefits (15 seconds), drive product discovery (15 seconds).

Watch how to create a video on Facebook:
Other video editors:

There are many more video editor apps and software. It's just a short list of some popular ones.
Facebook Video Ad Specifications
Make sure your video meets the requirements of Facebook video advertising:

Facebook Feed ad placement:
  • Video Ratio: 9:16 to 16:9
  • Recommended Resolution: Upload the highest resolution video available that meets file size and ratio limits.
  • Facebook Video Ad Size: 4GB Max
  • Facebook Video Length Minimum: 1 second
  • Facebook Video Length Maximum: 240 Minutes
  • Video Captions: Optional but recommended
  • Video Sound: Optional but recommended
  • Text: 125 characters
  • Video thumbnail images that consist of more than 20% text may experience reduced delivery. Learn more about text in images.
  • Vertical videos (with aspect ratio taller than 2:3) may be masked to 2:3

Instagram Feed ad placement:
  • Recommended Resolution: Upload the highest resolution video available that meets file size and ratio limits.
  • Video File Size: 4GB Max
  • Video Captions: Optional
  • Video Length: 1 to 60 seconds
  • Text: Two rows of text will display.
  • Video thumbnail images that consist of more than 20% text may experience reduced delivery. Learn more about text in images.
  • Minimum Video Width in Pixels : 500
  • Aspect Ratio Tolerance : 1%
  • Lower Minimum Width in Pixels : 500
  • Minimum Video Ratio : 4:5
  • Maximum Video Ratio : 1.91:1
  • Maximum Video Duration in Seconds : 60
  • Maximum Text Length : 2200
  • Maximum Number of Hashtags in Text : 30
  • Maximum Number of Cards in the Carousel Ads : 10

The best video formats for Facebook ads are MP4 or MOV. The video file formats that also may be uploaded to Facebook are listed here.

Facebook video specs depending on an ad placement:
Facebook Video Ads: The Complete Guide 2018
How to Set Up Facebook Video Ads
1 - Go to Page posts and click "Create post". Follow the steps we have already covered in the previous post how to set up a Facebook ad campaign. The difference is that in Format section you select should be "Single video" or "Slideshow"
2 - Upload your video, if you select "Single video", or create a video right on Facebook using Video Creation Kit, if you select "Slideshow"
Facebook Video Ads: The Complete Guide 2018
How to upload a video to Facebook
3 - Add a text according to the Facebook Ad Text Guidelines

4 - Upload a thumbnail for your video

5 - Click Confirm to publish the video ad
Tips for Facebook Video Ads
  • Catchy thumbnail - it's the first thing people see. It should catch their attention.
  • Video duration - no more than 1 min. 40 sec. is the best. Make the first 6 seconds informative.
  • Video type - phone video is the most popular video ad type for a product demonstration.
  • Text overlays - It's recommended to add layer text on your video to tell about products' benefits as people often watch videos in a mute mode (85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound). Moreover, sliding text overlays addition is much easier, unlike voiceover.
  • Show captions since the very beginning to capture attention quickly and engage right away.
  • Hook the viewer with a question, statement or action.
  • Image duration in a slideshow video - don't show images for too long in a slideshow video ad. For instance, video ads where each image is shown for 5 sec becomes boring after the third slide. 2 seconds are a better duration time limit.
  • Use lifestyle images in a slideshow video - people associate themselves wearing or using products. Lifestyle images are better for ads than images of products on a white background.
  • Add emoji to text overlay. The example of an emoji source.
  • Add a call-to-action at the end of your video and show it during 3-4 seconds. A Facebook video ad call to action examples: Click the link to get yours, Get yours now, Click the link to buy now.
  • Add music - soft music is preferable (not rock or metallic). Facebook has a free source of music. It's called Facebook Sound Collection. Search by keywords and filter by genre, mood, length, vocals and more.
Facebook Video Ads: The Complete Guide 2018
  • Lookalike audience (LLA) - if you start creating Facebook lookalike audiences for your video ads, create LLAs not only of View content, Add to cart, Initiate checkout, Purchases (as you usually do for image ads) but video viewers 50%, 75%, 95% too.
  • Make sure your advertising complies with Facebook policy. In case your ad is disapproved, learn why it happens and what to do.
Highly Engaging Facebook Video Ads
While making a list of highly engaging Facebook video ads (many views, comments, shares, clicks) I used Facebook search. If you're looking for the best FB video ads, there is no better source than Facebook itself. You may also use Facebook ads spy tools:
    The key feature that is common for highly engaging video ads is an unusual product. Look here to find product ideas for dropshipping.
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