April 18, 2018

Father's Day: Promotional Ideas and Wholesale Gifts for Dropshipping

77% of Americans celebrate Father's Day. This year the holidays will fall on June 17th. There are as many fathers as there are mothers in the world, so you may anticipate similar traffic that you received prior to Mother's Day. As ever, that is if you work out your marketing strategy and import holiday-related items.

Let's see how you can make this June holiday to become a tidbit for your dropshipping store, though it's known that Father's Day is not as popular as Mother's Day.
For those who target Australia: be informed that Father's Day 2018 is celebrated on September 2nd in the country.

7 Father's Day Promotional Ideas for Dropshipping Website

Here are some marketing ideas you may implement for your business promotion on Father's Day 2018:

Create a gift guide

A gift guide may be for fathers with different interests (sports, cooking, gardening, traveling, home improvement, gadgets, etc.) or types of dads.
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You may also create a collection of Father's Day goods:
One more idea is creating a gift guide according to budgets.
Why create a gift guide? According to Google Keyword Planner, 10 most searched phrases on Google related to "Father's Day" are:
As you may see, people need your ideas much. Help your consumers who wrestle with the subject.
Interesting fact
Gifts are prepared not for fathers only. According to Statista last year U.S. consumers gave the following variants answering the question "who you plan to buy a Father's Day gift for this year": Father, Husband, Son, Grandfather, Friend, Godfather, Stepfather, Other.
Offer free shipping on Father's Day gifts
Motivate shoppers to purchase. Add the announcement on the header of every page. State also the announcement on product pages, the collection page (if you create one) and your emails:
Make a holiday sale
Offer discounts on selected goods you wish to promote before the holiday.
Make your last promo date clear not only in your emails and on the main page as the last order notice but on the product pages too. It will not only be helpful for your store visitors but create a sense of urgency too.
Offer personalization
Offer a free service to create a personalized online card and send it to fathers via email or chat
Arrange a competition
In addition to this online service, you may arrange a competition on social networks for the best e-cards for those who wish to share their online cards.
Congratulate strangers
Offer your consumers to congratulate lonely or old male strangers who don't have relatives. For instance, they may send sweets or one of the products in your store to a home for elderly people.
Cooperate with bloggers
Instagram influencers may offer your products as gift ideas to the followers. Another article tells how to cooperate with Instagram influencers to make effective shoutouts and one more post contains a list of preselected influencers on Instagram.

On top of all that Web bloggers or YouTube influencers may include your ideas to their posts with gift ideas with affiliate links or set up Shopify's "Buy button". For instance, see how one blogger made a post with referral links to different online stores.

Read how to add "Buy button" as a sales channel of your dropshipping store.
Father's Day: Promotional Ideas and Wholesale Gifts for Dropshipping
When dropshippers start promo activity for Father's Day? Use email marketing and social networks to push gifts to customers at least a month before the actual date which is May 14 due to delivery window.

Massimo Dutti already (or always) have a page for email list building:
Father's Day: Promotional Ideas and Wholesale Gifts for Dropshipping
Import Wholesale Gift Ideas to Your Store
Import father-related items to your dropshipping store. Even if you have a store with men's products there are still some holiday-related items you may add to your dropshipping website.

Note that men's fashion, neckties, and gadgets are traditional gifts:
Game Dad T-shirt
Dad's Necklace
Personalized Engraved Flask
Happy Father's Day Cushion Cover
Family Matching Clothing
The Walking Dad T-shirt
Funny Father and Son T-shirts
If Dad Can't, No One Can Keychain
Dad's Mug
Dad's T-shirt
God Father's Cufflinks
Family Matching Clothing
I Love Daddy Keychain
Multifunctional Bracelet
Papa's Keychain
Final thoughts: Father's Day 2018 is your chance to help consumers to thank and show emotions to their fathers. Craft your strategy properly to get ready to celebration.
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