March 28, 2018

FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App Overview

An overview of a Shopify dropship app called Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush
Today an overview of a Shopify app called Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush is made. The goal of the app is providing weighty reasons to a dropshipping store visitors to return and increase sales.

The article tells what tasks FirePush Shopify app handles and what benefits ecommerce stores gain:

Abandoned Cart Recovery - Minimize Lost Sales

Abandoned shopping carts are norms for every online store. According to the study, an average cart abandonment rate reached 78.65% in 2017. It means over ¾ store visitors leave without making a purchase. No one accepts the situation, so sooner or later dropshipping store owners allot a task to themselves to decrease the number of abandoned carts.

Do you wish to remind the browsers of your store about abandoned carts? You 're going to say that other Shopify apps also have this possibility, right? BUT what if you don't have an email from a shopper? FirePush is not an email-based recovery system. It helps to remind your target audience about the stuff left in the cart and it doesn't require emails.

Push notifications look good on both mobile and desktop versions:
How often the system sends push notifications?

  • Push 1 is sent 20 minutes after cart abandonment
  • Push 2 is sent 1 hour after cart abandonment
  • Push 3 is sent 24 hours after cart abandonment

You may customize the content of each push notification:

Order Delivery Updates - Give Customers the Information They Need After Sales

The system allows you to notify customers of the following product delivery updates:

  • Payment accepted
  • Order dispatched
  • Tracking number
  • Refund confirmation

The same way as in the previous point, there is a possibility to change the content of each push notification in the admin panel:
This feature of FirePush is powerful as you not only provide service to your customers but you also keep them engaged in sales.
Discount Codes - Inspire First-Time Buyers
Discount codes help dropshippers to stir first-time visitors into a key action which is a purchase. It is a popular feature of dropshipping stores to offer a special discount for the first order. FirePush includes this feature.

Sign up box looks like this:
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
It is very important that you may easily customize a theme to match it your design.

If a target audience visits a store with products they like, discount codes stimulate them to trigger impulse purchases. After the first sale, you will be able to implement the power of email marketing for further sales, as by this moment you will already have contacts of your customers.

All the discount codes are created in Shopify. Click here to see the slides and learn how to do it.
Promotion Push - Retarget Customers
When you have at least 1 subscriber to push notifications, you're able to create a promo notification. You may do it any time needed:
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
Again, it's great that you're able to notify shoppers about some promos when you don't know their email addresses, as FirePush is a web browser-based system.

A promotion is one of the methods to increase sales especially on holidays or big sale periods. It is amazing that you're able to reach your target audience without their contacts on hand.

Schedule and boost your push once or repeat:
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
There are some more retargeting notifications:
Price Drop Alert
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
Power Pushes
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
Back in Stock
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
Why is FirePush Worth Implementation?
60 Shopify apps are displayed when you search "push notifications" on Shopify App Store. Two main reasons to install FirePush app:

  • Reason 1: It includes many push notifications required at once.
  • Reason 2: It's a web-based notification system (not an email-based) for mobile and desktop devices.

If you want your customers to stay informed and engaged, in addition, you wish to return them for increasing sales, try this app. It is simple to setup.

The only negative thing I thought about first before the app installation was that not everyone accepted receiving push notifications. However, FirePush provides a possibility to customize messages in a sign-up box, so the result will depend on your creativity and testing:
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
The best part is that those who give a permission to send them push notifications will no doubt be your target audience.
How Much does FirePush Cost?
The company offers a free trial for 7 days. It may be extended to 35 days. Here is a price plan:
FirePush - Shopify Retargeting App
In Short about FirePush:
Let's sum up and tell in short about FirePush Shopify app:

  • Key task: Returns visitors to increase sales
  • Features:
    • Transform your abandoned carts into sales
    • Send delivery updates
    • Send promotional pushes along with a countdown to create urgency feeling
    • Inspire first time buyers with discount codes
  • Implementation method: Push notifications
  • Cost: from free to $150/month
  • Trial period: 7 days, may be extended up to 35 days
  • Rating of Shopify App Store: 5 out of 5
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