March 10, 2018

4 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales Quickly

Overview of 4 best free and fee-paying dropshipping apps that quickly increase sales of dropshipping stores powered by Shopify.
Entrepreneurs in a dropshipping business need tools to solve two preliminary tasks. The first one is flooding a new store with targeted audience and making each browser to become a consumer. The second one is conversion visitors into consumers.

Sometimes later entrepreneurs grow their dropshipping businesses by conversion optimisation (abandoned cart recovery), offering more products to one purchase (upsell), offering related products or repeat sells of current consumers (cross-sell), other marketing channels addition (SEO, affiliate), building customer loyalty (personalisation, customer supports), work processes optimisation (inventory, accounting), etc.

As for solving the first task, two dropshipping tools that are mainly used by dropshippers for gaining traffic are Facebook targeting and Instagram influencer marketing.

Concerning the second task, the tools targeted on effective methods of conversion visitors to buyers may be helpful. Do you know how often people leave online stores without purchases? 3% is an average conversion rate of ecommerce stores. Dropshipping entrepreneurs work hard to trigger consumers to make purchases under influence of emotions to increase their conversion rate.

It's known that there are apps in the Shopify App Store that belong specifically to sales and promotion category which may help. However, their number is huge. This article includes overview of four Shopify dropshipping apps targeted to increase sales. Let's see what these apps are and how they help dropshippers:
1. Sales Pop by Beeketing creates a sense of busyness and social proof
2. Countdown Cart by Beeketing creates a sense of urgency and stock countdown
3. Rewards and Referrals by Swell rewards customers for repeat purchases
4. Spin-a-Sale - Interactive Email Popup converts visitors into email subscribers

1. Sales Pop by Beeketing

Key task: Increase sales by creating a sense of busyness and social proof

Level of users: Owners of newly launched dropshipping stores/Beginners

Cost: Free

Rating on Shopify App Store: 5 out of 5

Sales Pop by Beeketing are basically popups which are displayed in the left down corner in real time.
4 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps to Increase Sales
Sales Pop by Beeketing app helps to create a busy effect of a store, when store visitors see that other people instantly purchase products from the store. When store visitors are purchasing and possibly are still in doubt while only browsing, notifications will constantly appear and show that other people purchase from here. In the end, this way the app builds trust and credibility that affect a conversion rate.

You know how customers' reviews are powerful and it's an extremely important element of a store. They are that powerful because of the effect called social proof. Sales Pop app creates the same effect.

The purpose of the app is creating buying confidence and a sense of busyness. Some people may not like the idea of purchasing from a store they had never known about. But the situation is different when we see that not only one but many people do the same thing as people unconsciously respect the choice of the majority. When audience takes interest in something, we start feeling an interest in the same thing too.

Social proof and busyness made by Sales Pop influence decisions of your store visitors and convince to purchase.

The popups of Sales Pop look good on both desktop and mobile versions.
Note: Even if your store didn't have sells, popups will still appear. This feature is great for new dropshipping stores.

Do you wish to create a busy store look for real-time visitors? Install Sales Pop app to your store. The best feature of the app is that it's free, so there is no reason not to implement it.

2. Countdown Cart by Beeketing

Key task: Increase sales by a sense of urgency and stock countdown

Level of users: Owners of newly launched dropshipping stores/Beginners

Cost: Free

Rating on Shopify App Store: 5 out of 5
4 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps to Increase Sales
Countdown Cart by Beeketing app plays the card of the emotional value of scarcity.

People often buy products because of scarcity. They don't wish to look bad, seem to be silly, leave their families in danger, etc. Marketers use it as an advantage. As for shortage or limitation, people emotionally perceive possible loss and wish for having a product.

A shortage principle motivates people to assign more value and exclusiveness to products that seem to be inaccessible. Scarce items feel exclusive and more valuable.

Countdown Timer harnesses a power of scarcity as the app has both a countdown timer (time-related scarcity) and a stock countdown (quantity-related scarcity).

It is proved and known that losses bring higher subjective value than purchasing. In other words, the majority of people prefer to avoid losses instead of gaining profit.

Countdown Timer enforces a shortage principle and an effect of urgency by social proof addition. No one likes to be first or even the second one to purchase even in case of urgency. The app shows a number of people who view the same product and a number of products which were sold.

When we set a date and time of expiration of our offer, it's not as forceful as a countdown timer. A timer reminds your audience to act immediately or miss the offer.

Countdown Cart by Beeketing is a free app that combines a sense of urgency, a shortage principle with an effect of social proof. This is a powerful tactic you may implement to increase sales of your dropshipping store.
3. Rewards and Referrals by Swell
Key task: Increase sales by rewarding customers for repeat purchases

Level of users: Owners of newly launched dropshipping stores/Beginners

Cost: $0/month until you reach 100 total orders per a month

Rating on Shopify App Store: 5 out of 5
4 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps to Increase Sales
The concept of Rewards and Referrals by Swell app is increasing frequency of repeat buying by rewarding customers with bonuses for purchases.

You may ask what's the difference between a discount and a bonus. When a store offers a discount, consumers get an additional advantage of a made purchase, they save money here and now. Bonuses offer benefits for future purchases and this investment makes good sense when consumers return to the same store.

Receiving bonuses increases the value of stable dealings within the same store. Repeat sales lead to stability in business and save money on ads that are targeted at getting new customers. This is exactly what dropshipping stores need.

Those who wish to increase a number of repeat sales should use Rewards and Referrals by Swell to offer bonuses.

You are able to motivate to spend more with your store and make more purchases for bonuses, as tactics like "Spend $X, Get $Y" and "Make X purchases, Get $Y" are proved to work.

If you don't have ideas how to reward your customers, Rewards and Referrals by Swell provides more than 15 campaigns.

The app is integrated with two the most popular dropshipping email services Klaviyo and MailChimp, as well as with social media networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

Dropshippers save money on ads for attracting new store visitors for their further conversion into consumers when these entrepreneurs increase revenue by means of returning current customers.

A system of earning points has a simple game mechanic that's why it engages consumers.

The starting plan of Rewards and Referrals by Swell called Bronze provides store owners to use the app for free till they reach 100 total orders per one month. Before that you spend nothing, so it's risk free.
4. Spin-a-Sale - Interactive Email Popup
Key task: Increase sales by interactive email popup that convert visitors into email subscribers

Level of users: Owners of newly launched dropshipping stores/Beginners

Cost: $4.99/month with 10-day free trial

Rating on Shopify App Store
: 5 out of 5
4 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps to Increase Sales
Many of us we don't like annoying popups but Spin-a-Sale - Interactive Email Popup app offers a new style of popups with coupons.

If you look at the design, popups of Spin-a-sale are not typical, they look like a spinner. You may see a wheel there. It becomes noticeable when you see a popup with a note like "input your email address to get a discount" and when you see this kind of wheel that says "win an exclusive prize".

When store visitors input their email addresses, they are able to get coupons with discounts.

Let's see why the tactic of building an email list works:

  • It's a good idea to get a discount for a product you are already interested in in exchange for an email
  • We love to try our fortune. I think we use every chance to try our fate. Someone may even be ready to risk for that
  • Gamification is always fun, interactive, and what is more important, it's engaging. Audience takes part in it with great interest. This is also a wonderful feature of the app.

If we look at the benefits for dropshipping stores, we'll notice the following:

  • We are able to insanely increase our email list. It's very important to lay emphasis that specifically our targeted audience (leads) shares their email addresses. This is the most powerful part of the app, as we may use these emails for email marketing.
  • We push a store browsers for the decision of effecting a purchase by offering a 5/10/15/20 or else % of a discount. It works as a browser already shows interest by inputting his/her email address. So, a dropshipping store gets more changes to get a purchase from this visit of a browser and increases sales here and now.

A great feature of the app is that it's integrated with Klaviyo and MailChimp. Both are frequently used by dropshipping store owners.
Note: these dropshipping tools won't help to convert your store visitors into consumers or email subscribers, if there is something wrong with a product page. For instance, additional fees are revealed during checkout process, information about return is not noticeable, there are no reviews of other consumers, etc. Check out 25 elements of landing pages that sell.
There are many ready solutions in the Shopify App Store that were created to solve tasks dropshippers face with. Implement and test them for your business to increase sales.
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