June 14, 2018

How Dropshipping Stores Encourage Impulsive Buying?

Impulse purchases represent almost 80% of all the money spent on e-commerce. It's reasonable to call them the best products to sell online. Explore the listed techniques to encourage impulse buying and seal the deal during a decision-making process.

What is Impulsive Buying?

Impulse buying is a spontaneous purchase made under influence of external factors. Purchasing decision is made spontaneously right on the salespoint (while being either in an online store or a brick-and-mortar one).

Impulse purchases are not planned. Marketers work hard to prompt consumers to spend more and heavily influence them.

A tendency to impulsive buying doesn't come from gender, age, or any other characteristics. 80% of shoppers buy on impulse with different frequency. In other words, they regularly make spontaneous purchases of goods they actually don't even need.
How Much Money People Spend on Impulsive Buy?
An average American spends $450 impulsively every month that results into $5,400 annually, according to the study conducted by market researchers OnePoll and commissioned by Slickdeals. Moreover, it means an average U.S. consumer spends $324,000 during the adult lifetime.

British consumers spend £21.7 billion on impulse purchasing annually, according to the research conducted by DisplayMode.

Why Do We Buy Things That We Don't Need?

We need to understand the core principle why people spend money on things they don't need before implementing techniques for increasing impulse buying share.

The keystone is the following: a shopper has no time to think logically while taking action spontaneously. It happens fast. Only sometimes later after making the purchase a consumer may realize there was no reasonable cause to buy that product.

It means your dropshipping store should provide a possibility for easy, accessible and fast impulsive buying. Potential buyers should feel much-needed in killing the urge and buy without a possibility to think the purchase over. You may virtually create a hypothetical atmosphere that encourages shoppers to spend more in brick-and-mortar stores.

Watch to learn how psychologies explain consumer behavior called "impulse buy":
Impulse Buying: Why You Buy Stuff You Don't Need
6:13 min

How You May Convince Your Consumers to Buy Dropshipping Products on Impulse

Make unexpected offers
Do you know why a vast majority of dropshipping websites use social media as a key sales channel?

As a rule, consumers who buy preliminary planned products usually go to Google or Amazon. These shoppers are more goal-oriented and disciplined. They go to the Internet with a single purpose to buy the exact thing so they are busy with reading reviews and price comparison.

Another situation is when we surf some social media without any purpose even in most cases and we see a product that is relevant to our interests or passion in the feed. When we're on any social media, we don't have an idea to buy anything. In this case, people can't resist making impulse purchases even when they are not on their list of items they need. In addition, buying from an ecommerce store they are not familiar with is not a problem.

Dropshipping stores focus on impulse buying. For this very reason they use Facebook ads. Both networks Facebook and Instagram are extremely popular. They also let businesses to target specific audience and make unexpected offers.
Have impulse products near best-sellers
Shoppers pay attention to the top-selling items, so it's an effective way to make your impulse items more accessible.
Offer relevant add-ons
Your suggestions should coincide with customers' personal preferences. Suggestive selling helps to increase average order value. When you already have consumers making purchases on your dropshipping store, they see goods related to their buying right under a product. Add an action-oriented message with a fast and easy way for splurges:

  • "Complete/Buy the look" suggestion for wholesale clothing stores
How Dropshipping Stores Encourage Impulsive Buying? - Dropwow dropshipping marketplace
  • "Customers who bought/viewed this item also bought", "Recently viewed" or "Frequently bought together" products.
    Show what other shoppers with the same interests products reviewed or bought. Amazon is a bright example of the ecommerce site that successfully involves this strategy into the shopping experience. You may see that the online retailer recommends new products at every step since the first-time homepage visit till checkout.
    Suggest seasonal items
      Prepare your dropshipping store for a new season or holidays by adding season-related and holiday-themed products. No matter what niche your dropshipping store has, there is a vast variety of products ideas. In most cases, it's possible to find products with holiday-themed prints, especially if your niche belongs to a product category like phone cases, leggings, jewelry, cushion covers, T-shirts, hoodies.

      Your dropshipping store may be a source of present ideas for consumers. It's known, the number of impulse buying increases on holidays. So, get your online store in a holiday spirit and highlight seasonal goods.

      Examples of seasonal products for dropshipping:
      Show more
      Interesting fact: The study of Slickdeals also revealed that people tend to impulse buy more when they're happy and excited as opposed to sad or stressed, and, unsurprisingly, December turned out to be the biggest month for impulse buying.
      Impulse items as a relevant offer at checkout
      As it was mentioned above, you increase chances to sell more, when items your store offers are related to products a consumer is going to buy. You may also offer value and complete it with a call to action.

      Shoppers perceive recommendations like socks and LED safely shoe clips for running shoes or a fishing glove and camouflage sunglasses for fishing lures as helpful. They are motivated to buy additional stuff that supposedly makes primary product usage more comfortable and handy.
      Get benefit from loss aversion
      People are afraid much to lose something than obtain. The strongest motivation for any person is a suddenly appeared desire not to miss anything potentially helpful and necessary. Limited-time discounts and a limited number of stock left make a great contribution in this case. Create an atmosphere of urgency suggesting the last moment offer.
      Pay attention to design and customer experience
      As there should be no hesitation and time to think a purchase over, check interface and design from shoppers' point of view.
      Think what other clever tricks dropshipping stores use in their marketing? Read 12 pricing and marketing strategies for dropshipping businesses.
      What is an Impulse Product Like?
      • Passion-based - Before you start to dropship you made a research to find niche markets to target passionately engaged people. They are much more emotionally driven.
      • Cause excitement - Cute, crazy, non-ordinary and unique items you may find below cause emotions that successfully convert potential buyers into consumers.
      • Low-cost - It's not a must but it's good when the final sales price (a current order + delivery + an impulse item) is not increased much. Low-cost goods are easy to grab mentally.
      • Small - Small in size items don't increase shipping cost much which is also good for making a decision fast.
      How to Find Impulse Products in 2 Steps
      The easiest way to find impulse products to dropship:

      Step 1 - Find trending products to be sure your offer will be of high-demand and potentially bring profits. Google Trends is used to check tendency.
      How Dropshipping Stores Encourage Impulsive Buying? - Dropwow dropshipping marketplace
      Tip - Explore a ready list with trending products 2018 and weekly published trending products of the week.
      Step 2 - Find impulse products within this trending product niche.
      Tip - Discover weekly published impulse products of the week.
      The Bottom Line
      It's a well-known fact that shopping is a favorite part of our lifetime. Offer your consumers some non-ordinary and preferably inexpensive products for buying on impulse to take an advantage of a last-minute for impulse shopping.
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