november 10, 2018

How Mobile Apps Help Shopify Stores to Increase Sales [PROVEN TO WORK]

Do you know a mobile app may be created in about 10 minutes? Do you believe it may help you to get $50K in 4 months? Let's see what are the benefits of mobile app builders for Shopify stores and how they help dropshipping businesses to increase sales.

Mobile Marketing Statistics in 2018

Time-spent on mobile devices increases among U.S. consumers. The report of Flurry Analytics says Americans spend daily 5 hours on mobile phones. In 2016 mobile ecommerce left behind ecommerce websites. According to Shopify, 64% of all orders made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2017 were made via mobile devices.
How Mobile Apps Help Shopify Stores to Increase Sales [Proven to Work]
Mobile payments are getting more popular in 2018. The study made by Criteo says shoppers using mobile apps browse 286% more products than mobile web shoppers, contributing to an add-to-basket rate 90% higher than mobile browsers. Mobile applications are future of online sales in ecommerce.
No coding skills are needed to set up a mobile app for a Shopify store.

How Retailers Benefit from Mobile App Builders

What mobile apps do to motivate dropshipping website owners to build them when Shopify stores already have mobile adaptive web designs:
1. Decrease a Number of Abandoned Carts
Abandoned carts are a big headache of dropshipping stores just like Facebook targeting and trending products search. The typical shopping cart abandonment rate for online retailers varies between 60% and 80%, with an average of 69.23%.

Let's take a look at the reasons why shoppers abandon carts during checkout process:
How Mobile Apps Help Shopify Stores to Increase Sales [Proven to Work]
If you don't state any extra costs during checkout and notify about additional fees on the product pages for instance, the rest "troubles" are solved by mobile apps. Mobile applications convert problems into possibilities. They not only minimize the listed above reasons for abandonments, but provide a possibility to create an abandoned cart push notification campaign. It's a priceless feature of mobile app builders.
2. Increase Repeat Purchases
Push notifications help brands to send messages directly to target audience. You may retarget your customers.
3. Add an Additional Sales Channel
You may interact with your customers via many channels in ecommerce (social networks, emails, websites, messengers, etc.). It's always great to have one more "connection" with your audience. By the way, there is a feature that allows you to create a push notification to the first time app launch.
4. High Conversion Rate
Surely, not all your customers install a mobile app but those who trust and take interest in your brand/niche/products. It means a higher conversion rate should be expected.
5. Simplify a Purchase Process
Mobile applications offer more than just mobile friendliness. Smooth navigation, quick loading speed, easy checkout process - everything has already taken into an account, you don't improve usability or design to that end. Only customization is needed.
How Mobile Apps Help Shopify Stores to Increase Sales [Proven to Work]
How to Build Mobile Apps for Shopify Stores in Minutes
Mobile app builders require no skills in coding. The setup process is extremely easy, as the technical side is covered by the Shopify app developer you choose. I would say mobile apps are similar to Shopify in this case, as they have a modular editing mechanism.
Step 1 - Add a Shopify App to Your Dropshipping Store
How Mobile Apps Help Shopify Stores to Increase Sales [Proven to Work]
Step 2 - Customize It
You may see in the picture below that a mobile app builder has ready-made modules and these modules are customized in a very easy way:
When a mobile app builder is installed, you may see there your dropshipping products and collections. This insanely helpful feature saves tons of time.
Step 3 - Preview Your App and Publish It
Add Push Notifications When Needed
Push notifications are created fast and easy:
Check In-App Analytics
There is in-app analytics for you:
How Mobile Apps Help Shopify Stores to Increase Sales [Proven to Work]
How Stores Generated $50K-700K from Mobile App Builders [SUCCESS STORIES]
Learn how stores generated $50K and 700K from mobile apps:
Some Reviews on Shopify App Store:
Amazing customer service! I am having a great experience. Highly recommended.
Shop Thatlbd
posted on May 30, 2018
Love it! Wish I had known this App earlier, very easy to install and use, and perfectly works. Highly recommended. Thanks Plobal Apps team.
Nina Hs
posted on March 15, 2018
Fast and easy way to start selling through the apps.

1. I contacted the team
2. App was set up in a few days
3. Sales started from the next day with no marketing and no social media promotion. Pure organic reach
4. Both their tech and sales team is experienced and are customer oriented
5. Its been 3 months working with Plobal and now we are planning to scale our mobile app strategy with them.

Definitely recommend for all new stores to try their DIY apps.
posted on May 3, 2018
Superb app - does what it says on the tin. I have now launched two mobile apps for my two separate eCommerce stores and overall the apps work really well and customer feedback is positive and sales good. It only took me about 2 weeks from start to finish to go-live this time around. The team at Plobal are always very responsive to my queries and very helpful. Thank you
Stern Healing 2
posted on June 4, 2018
Conclusion: Mobile App Creator, for instance, Plobal Apps is a Shopify app that enables online stores to create native iOS and Android apps for their mobile consumers. With an interactive, complete ecommerce platform, the app is used by stores to reduce their app development time and start generating more revenue from mobile.
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