May 30, 2018

How to Market and Drive Sales to New Products

New product introduction process for an ecommerce store owner
Do you know how much in total sales were made by retail ecommerce sites in 2017?

It's $2.304 trillion (see more data below - as gathered by the team at SaleHoo). And this number is growing significantly every year. As an online business owner, you want a piece of that ever-growing pie.
How to Market and Drive Sales to New Products - Dropwow dropshipping marketplace
But I'm not here to extol the success of ecommerce worldwide. You already know that. I know you're reading this because you've already made the jump to get a piece of the action. And I know you're reading this for exactly one reason: learn how to promote and sell your products better.

As Mad Men's fictional character Don Draper said, "Success comes from standing out, not fitting in." Which leads us to the question, "What can you do to stand out and get those orders coming?

Here are some of the best tips to get you in the right direction.

7 Surefire Ways to Market and Drive Sales to New Products


Highlight New Products on Prominent Sections of Your Online Store

Highlight reels were created to give emphasis on the best bits and pieces of a movie clip to whet your viewing appetite. And it works, right? The same formula applies to products: If you want to showcase something, get it in front of your customers, make sure it's easy to see.
How to Market and Drive Sales to New Products - Dropwow dropshipping marketplace
Most online shops are littered with various product specials, banners, sidebars, and a lot more. This makes it hard for your visitors to focus on the latest stuff.

Help them out.

You can install plugins that displays all your new stuff above the fold. Just take a look at other sites' "Daily Specials" banner. Easy to catch, right? Instead of specials, place your new product in these spots so people can see them right away. You can also place them on every page of your site.

Pop-ups are also a great way of advertising your new merchandise. Just make sure they're unobtrusive and annoying (more on this later). The last thing you want to happen is a customer leaving because of your pesky pop-ups. Do it subtly and in moderation.
Run a Facebook Ad for Your New Poduct
We know billions of folks are in Facebook (2.19 billion as of Q1 of 2018), and I'm willing to bet that there's a bunch of your target customers checking their feeds right now.

Done right, through targeted-advertising and remarketing, Facebook marketing can generate some serious buzz for your product.

Knowing who to reach and how to reach them is miles better in the success scale than using a scattered approach.

Take advantage of this power. Run a Facebook ad for your new product. Use the social media giant to generate a custom-tailored campaign designed to reach people with the highest potential interest in your product (particularly those who've bought products from you in the past).
Influencer Marketing on Instagram and YouTube
You may not be aware of this, but a good chunk of stuff you see on YouTube and Instagram were made for advertising or marketing purposes. Heck, even those product reviews you watch of gadgets and smartphones can be tweaked to generate interest and funnel potential buyers into affiliate links.

Recommendations are still the best way to generate marketing buzz. Why? Because it's built on trust. That's why we tend to get convinced if we see glowing product testimonials from people we know. People we care about and look up to. Who are these people? Aside from friends and family, there are popular celebrities and influencers. People who have lots of fans that follow them in social media. You're a fan of someone, and so am I. Just take a quick look at your Instagram feed and you'll see what I mean.

Getting an influencer to promote your product doesn't have to be complicated. You can start by listing down keywords that are related to the new product you're selling. Use tools like Ahrefs and to scour the web for social media posts and mentions of your target keywords.

From there you can begin listing the influencers that mentioned a related subject or item. Create a strong pitch that will get them to work with you.
Run a Contest or Giveaway for Your New Product
Giveaways are great with the right product and target audience, it can be an easy way of generating attention to your new item. The keys to running a successful contest are the following:

  • Should be easy to join (no sign-ups required)
  • Aligns perfectly with your target audience
  • Offers a strong value proposition
  • Proper timing and marketing execution
Get Your New Product Featured on Gift Guides
Similar to having your product recommended by an influencer, getting your new product in a Gift Guide is a cool and effective way of marketing it.

People rely heavily on reviews before making their purchases. If they see that your new item is among a "Top X list", it creates trust and brings highly potential buyers into your store.

Think about it. They would not be reading the Gift Guide if they were not interested in buying gifts right? This means that whoever is reading it is ready to make a purchase. Having your new merchandise featured in it is an excellent way of making new sales.
Feature Your New Product on Your Store's Opt-in Pop Ups
Opt-in pop ups are most successful if they create a value proposition to the customer. Stuff like, "Don't miss out on our discounts!" or "Win a subscription box of your choice!" creates an urge to address a customer's "What's-in-it-for-me?" question.

Experiment with the content of your opt-ins. You can use them to set-up a loyalty program, send newsletters, announce new products, and more. And as with all website elements, remember to test them thoroughly. This will allow you to gauge which style and content of opt-in generates maximum sign-ups and conversions.
Email Marketing
This is a classic and proven way of promoting products. Marketing 101 tells us to: "Sell the Sizzle, Not the Steak!" Or in other words, build up anticipation and buzz around your product to increase your chances of converting visits to sales.

Why is email still effective? This report from Direct Marketing Association shows that 38% of people who are subscribed to email lists are in it for the special offers. And get this - 72% of the participants admitted to preferring email for receiving promotional material instead of seeing or getting them via social media. Amazing stats, right?

Some tips before launching your email campaign:
  • Get consent
  • Should allow subscribers to easily opt-out
  • Tell them about yourself
  • Choose the right email platform for you

Other reasons why you should use email are Google's ever-changing rules in ranking algorithm, making it more difficult for marketers to tap web content for promotional use. Email also trumps other marketing strategies because it's a more personal approach and has the potential to build a relationship with your subscribers.
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