May 16, 2018

How to Unlock Disabled Facebook Ad Account

A list of possible reasons and steps to make
Facebook advertising account block is a problem you can never deal with. It can also cause losses and deprive your potential profit. It's particularly offensive. So, the question is how to reactivate your Facebook advertising account if it's disabled on the eve of holidays when advertising cannot be postponed for several days.

Complains about a disabled Facebook ads account are frequent. Usually, the issues are resolved easily, but it is better to take precaution to avoid blocking.

There are three main reasons why Facebook blocks ads manager account:
  1. Noncompliance with the rules and basic principles of working with advertising on Facebook
  2. Inaccurate use of an account or means of payment
  3. The error of the algorithm or an operator.
Let's analyze how to avoid blocking, hedge against the consequences, and learn what are the opportunities to quickly restore your work.

Why Facebook Disables Accounts

Facebook protects its reputation and finances of advertisers. The algorithm blocks advertising or means of payment when actions or content seem suspicious to the system. The main task of the algorithm is detecting bad advertisers. The algorithm works on the principle of "it's better to block good advertising than to show an unacceptable one". So, many users are banned because of the unsteady system.

1. Bad Advertising

How to Reactivate Facebook Advertising Account
The whole account is usually not blocked because of only one unacceptable advertisement. Facebook blocks when several unapproved ads are accumulated or users complain about your campaigns.

The algorithm checks the image, the text and the page where the advertisement refers to. Therefore, the rules are applied not only to the material that Facebook users will see but also to the page users get to when they click.

Even if you are sure that your advertising is legitimate, appropriate and will benefit the public, read the rules of Facebook Ad Policy, it will take about an hour:

There is no doubt your advertising should be allowed by the law of the country where you launch it, not insult anyone, do not intimidate, mislead or manipulate. But there are many nuances that you do not suspect.
Several unobvious types of advertising that may be disapproved:

  • Too much text on the image. When you create a new Facebook images, keep in mind that the text does not cover more than 20% of the whole image. If there is more, the account will not be blocked, but the advertisement will be unnoticed by the users.
Facebook has a tool to check how much text an image has. You may use this tool.
How to Reactivate Facebook Advertising Account
  • The personal characteristics of the user are used. Race, religion, age, etc. are mentioned directly or indirectly. Advertising with questions like "Do you confess Christianity?" or "Are you already over 30?" are blocked as they point to the personal characteristics of the target audience.
  • Non-existent functions: an arrow of video play on images, buttons that cannot be pressed, objects that are misleading. A vivid example is advertising of Kaiwei Ni Factory. When viewing an advertisement, it causes feeling that there is a hair on the screen that needs to be brushed off:
How to Reactivate Facebook Advertising Account
  • False results like images of "before" and "after" weight loss, expected earnings in network marketing, etc. Advertising of financial products with a promise of earnings is not approved by Facebook: binary options, network business, cryptocurrency.
How to Reactivate Facebook Advertising Account
  • Low-quality materials and text with a big number of errors: pictures that are too tight to one another, so a user needs to click the link to understand what is depicted, ungrammatical text, too many icons (emoji) and punctuation marks. They not only ruin the whole design but also prevent the algorithm from understanding the meaning of advertising.
  • Advertising with reference to pages in pdf and jpeg format, and also to pages with automatic downloading of any format files.
  • Everything that is included in the "Restricted Content" clause. Alcohol, gambling, lotteries, loans, medicines, dating, supplements, subscription and financial services, politics. All advertisers who want to run ads of these types go through an official Facebook check, provide the administration with documents that the business is legal and will not harm the user.
Many points are devoted to ethics. Facebook takes great care to ensure that advertising does not offend anyone and does not encourage a flawed decision. A striking example: dating sites cannot target users who have placed a status "in marriage" or "in a relationship." Family and relationships are one of the main values of the social media.

Facebook algorithm responds to banned words and phrases, even if they are typed with errors, detects ads violations of images and prohibited types of goods. The system even estimates the level of the obscenity of images.
2. Suspicious Account Activity and Payment Methods
If the scammer gets access to your advertising account, he or she can spend money on your card. Facebook takes care of defining the actions of scammers and blocking them quickly. The algorithm detects suspicious activity when:

  • You sign into an account from other countries or with a different IP-address
  • Connect a new administrator to the account while his/her advertising account is blocked
  • The name on the bank card is different from the name on Facebook
  • You use someone else's card
  • Use a virtual card or a map of another country
  • Change the method of payment
  • Dramatically increase the limits on advertising
  • Charge a large amount on the balance.
You will receive one of these messages:

"Your account has been disabled. If you have any questions, you can see our FAQ page here.'

"Your advertising account was recently flagged because of unusual activities. For security reasons, all your ads will be suspended until you confirm your account information. Connect with Facebook.'

"We detected unusual payment actions, account logins, or received a claim for payments. Therefore, your account has been disabled in order to protect your personal and financial information. Please contact us."

Do not worry if you did not violate the rules of Facebook, such a block can be quickly removed.
3. By Mistake
Every day Facebook algorithm handles the advertising of five million active business pages and sometimes makes mistakes. If your advertisement reaches a live operator, it does not always evaluate it objectively: different operators can interpret the same advertising message in different ways. Facebook often blocks by mistake and admits it:

"Thank you for notifying us about the refusal of advertising. We checked it again and found out that it meets our rules. Now it is approved. Now advertising is active and will soon be launched. You can follow the results in Ads Manager. "

Also, Facebook may mistakenly block the means of payment, then restores it and apologizes in respond to your complaint:

"Thank you for contacting Facebook. I apologize for the inconvenience. I've restored your account, so now you have access to payment tools again. Just go to the payment section. "
How to Avoid Blocking and Prevent Consequences
Learn the basic rules of the social network and launch good advertising
This is what you need to get started in the advertising business manager. Do not neglect reading the rules. It takes an hour to study. Further, it will save time for editing ads and deactivating ads manager account.
Register a Business Manager account
Especially if you manage several Facebook pages at once. In Business Manager you can bind a separate payment tool to each account, manage business pages and give colleagues the rights of administrators.
Connect a real card with sufficient funds and its name
Facebook trusts real credit cards, where the owner's name coincides with the name of the account administrator. If you use someone else's card, designate this person as the administrator.
Use an ads account within the same country, preferably from one IP
If you log in an advertising account from an unfamiliar IP address, the system may think that you were hacked and block the payment instrument. If you are often on business trips, give administrator rights to your deputy and instruct him/her to launch advertising.
Ensure access to a color copy of your passport or ID
If you are blocked, the system will ask you for a copy of your passport or ID. Upload the document to the cloud service or send it to your email. So you can quickly download it anywhere in the world and attach to the email to tech support.
Do not spend much on advertising from a new account but increase advertising expenses gradually
Facebook does not trust "newcomers". You need to complete your account, make several publications and develop at least a week to run advertising without problems.
Remove disapproved ads
The algorithm can test your old ads. If the account has a lot of rejected ads, the system will approve stricter the new ones.
Do not assign people whos advertising accounts are blocked by administrators
Facebook does not like users with the bad reputation.
How to Reactivate the Account
It depends on the reason and a type of blocking but even if you were wrong, your complaint will be redirected to the required department and it will be answered. Facebook support works carefully but often slow. You can speed up and improve the process (many points below concern not native English speakers):

  • Write in English. This is their native language. If you do not know it, translate your messages and answers via online translators like Google Translate.
  • Be polite. Intimidation and insults will not help. Facebook has a lot of advertisers, and they will gladly refuse to be rude and aggressive.
  • Ask you to call. You can solve the issues that arise during the course of communication. You can send reply messages to Facebook in 2-3 days, and answer the phone immediately. Note: the conversation will be in English, and may be called at the inconvenient time.
  • Prepare a list of questions for a phone call. You will not speak your native language, it will be difficult to formulate questions and quickly remember everything you wanted to ask. Be ready to write down the answers.
  • Do not miss the call. You can not call back as callbacks are blocked. Usually, an operator calls twice. If you did not pick up the phone during the first call, keep the phone unmute near you.
When a Promo Advertising was Blocked
If you are blocked by mistake, fill in the form.

If you understand that your publication does violate the rules, edit the ads according to Facebook rules and resubmit for review.

After the first block, the algorithm will be more cautious about your advertising, so check attentively your further ads. Reread the rules.
When the Reason for Blocking is Suspicious Account Activity
If your account or payment method has been disabled because of unusual activity, fill in the detailed form. Describe the problem in detail, state the reason and attach a copy of the passport or ID. Usually, an automatic message is sent in response:

"Thank you for contacting Facebook.

It seems that we have already been informed about the problem with payment means. Please give us 2-3 days to learn more. To see our response or provide up-to-date information, go to support letters.

We appreciate your patience."

You do not have to answer it, just wait. Usually, Facebook removes such a block within 1-3 business days, but it can take up to 2-4 weeks.

An operator may immediately apologize:

"Thank you for contacting Facebook. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I have unblocked your account, so now you have access to payment tools again. Just go to the payment section."

They can say that further actions or deactivation are impossible:

"After a detailed study, I determined that we can not take further action on your issue.

We determined that your billing account was disabled because it does not comply with the rules of Facebook. To protect the interests of our users, we can not recover your billing account this time.

Thank you for understanding ."

If you did not violate the rules of Facebook or didn't do it on purpose, do not believe that the decision is final. Operators can unblock the account, but you'll have to explain in detail why they should do this. Write to support.
When Standard Steps did not Work out
A universal link for communication, questions, and complaints will help . You can ask for advice in the community, send an email or chat.

Responses in the chat are faster, but it is not available to all users. It's available only during Facebook business hours, and when there is no much workload. The approximate waiting period is given below the chat.
How to Reactivate Facebook Advertising Account
  1. Read and follow the rules of Facebook advertising.
  2. Register a Business Manager account
  3. Connect a real card with enough money and your name.
  4. Use an advertising account within the same country.
  5. Do not spend much on ads from a new account but increase advertising expenses gradually.
  6. Remove the disapproved ads.
  7. Do not appoint people with bad reputation by administrators.
  8. Communicate with support in English and be polite.
  9. Be ready to call a Facebook operator.
  10. Use links with forms:
  11. Do not give up if you were told that the account recovery is impossible.
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