May 31, 2018

Independence Day: Promotion Ideas and Dropshipping Products

Independence Day is an all-American holiday celebrated annually on July 4th. As 219 million Americans are expected to celebrate the holiday, you may increase your June revenue. Explore the given below marketing ideas and holiday-related items for your online store.

You may seem you've got much time to get ready but dropshipping businesses start preparation 2 months before the actual celebration as delivery takes time. So, let's get started.

4th of July Promotion Ideas


Independence Day Offers

Google Keyword Planner says people search for sales and special offers. It's reasonable to make shopping offers with discounts. It doesn't matter if your niche is food-fun-family-fashion-related or not. Search results show any niche fits for sale.
Independence Day: Promotion Ideas and Dropshipping Products - Dropwow
The examples of special deals for your inspiration:
Tip: Keyword Planner also gives ideas what phrases will work as triggers for your Facebook/Instagram ads or posts. For instance, "4th of july decorations clearance" is one of the search interests. If your niche is home decor or home improvement, how about inserting the phrase?
Independence Day Social Media Posts
A message with your Independence Day deals may be addressed to your followers and fans. You may need a list of Fourth of July hashtags for your social media campaigns:

  1. #usa - 58.25M
  2. #4thofjuly - 6.362M
  3. #july - 5.053M
  4. #independenceday - 3.584M
  5. #fourthofjuly - 2.986M
  6. #july4th - 1.800M
  7. #redwhiteandblue - 1.616M
  8. #godblessamerica - 1.225M
  9. #independence - 1.176M
  10. #happy4thofjuly - 1.081M
  11. #america - 24.11M
  12. #patriotic - 872.7K
  13. #happyfourth - 792.6K
  14. #redwhiteblue - 434.1K
  15. #happyfourthofjuly - 420.9K
  16. #4thofjulyweekend - 394.3K
  17. #july4 - 378.4K
  18. #julyfourth - 145.5K
  19. #4july - 83.98K
  20. #july4thweekend - 40.72K
  21. #4thofjulynails - 20.23K
  22. #4thofjulysale - 18.13K
  23. #fourthofjulynails - 11.48K
  24. #independencedayweekend - 7.147K
  25. #fourthofjulyfun - 6.848K
  26. #fourthofjulysale - 6.596K
  27. #fourthofjulybaby - 4.948K
  28. #thefourthofjuly - 4.414K
  29. #july4thbaby - 3.922K
  30. #independencedaycelebration - 3.486K
  31. #4thofjulywedding - 2.293K
  32. #patrioticdog - 2.038K
  33. #independencedaysale - 1.815K
  34. #fourthofjulyoutfit - 1.549K
  35. #americanindependence - 1.440K
  36. #independencedaycelebrations - 1.351K
  37. #fourthofjulywedding - 1.042K
  38. #fourthofjulyweekend - 53.21K
  39. #4thofjulybow - 9.000
  40. #fourthofjulyparty - 1.000
  41. #4thofjulydress - 1.000
  42. #july4thwedding - 948.0
  43. #americanbirthday - 820.0
  44. #fourthofjulyfireworks - 771.0
  45. #july4thparade - 688.0
  46. #fourthofjulycake - 470.0
  47. #patrioticoutfit - 416.0
  48. #redwhiteblueapparel - 203.0
  49. #fourthofjulywreath - 193.0
  50. #4thofjulyjewelry - 113.0
Think how the list was made?
I inserted holidays-related words on the Generator page of The service gives hashtag ideas. Then I checked each hashtag on to learn how popular they are on Instagram, as Facebook and Instagram are two most popular traffic sources among dropshippers. By the way, both services are free.
4th of July-related emoji you may find on these two websites:
Independence Day Email
Email marketing campaign is a must-do before every national holiday. Emails let ecommerce store owners to "touch" customers for free but they still require to invest time. Get inspired by Independence Day-themed emails of some known retailers:
Zoom images by click:
Tip: Do you wish to track email newsletters of well-known brands without a subscription? If your dropshipping store is related to Clothing, Shoes, Beauty, Jewelry, Watches or Decor niches, use It is free.
Would you participate in quizzes with topics like "Could you pass an American citizenship test", "How well do you know the U.S. Constitution", "How much do you know about Independence Day"? Isn't that engaging?
Independence Day: Promotion Ideas and Dropshipping Products - Dropwow
Source: SecondStreet LAB
A quiz may engage and entertain your online store visitors and social media followers. I suppose they will share their results or a quiz itself.

Here are some services you may use to make a quiz on your dropshipping store:
Photo Contest
Do you have a pet niche? Make a patriotic-themed photo contest and offer a discount for the first/next purchase or a product from your store as a gift. You may have a photo contest in case you have a different niche too. For instance, baby or running (fourth of July races are annually arranged) niches fit perfectly too.

Many cat and dog lovers dress their pets. New parents do the same. Look at these patriotic spirited styles featuring on-theme prints:
Web Pages and Profiles Refreshing
No doubt, it's a kind of minimum to do before holidays. Bring good and patriotic vibes.
Independence Day: Promotion Ideas and Dropshipping Products - Dropwow
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