April 24, 2018

Minifier - Shopify Image Optimisation App Overview

An overview of a Shopify app called "Minifier - Image and Website Optimisation"
Images on a webpage usually have a lot of bytes and significantly slow down the page load time. Many dropshippers may not even think how important the issue is, however, this leads to higher bounce rates, lower conversion rates, lower Google ranking, and poor customer experience.

Minifier app optimizes the images and all design elements of Shopify stores. Think how to reduce image size without losing quality? The app squeezes images and design elements to their smallest possible size without losing the quality – around 35 - 40% of the total image size is saved.
Note: Google announced that starting in July 2018, page speed would be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

How the Shopify App Works

Minifier app analyses all the images on Shopify stores and provides the optimized ones for dropshippers' approval and further adjustments. Once the changes are confirmed, all the images on the dropshipping store are automatically swapped.

The service is extremely simple and fast. Everything's done in 3 clicks:

What Tasks Shopify App Minifier Fulfills

1. Optimizing both the images and all template design elements
Minifier app takes care of each graphic element on the web page, processing it to make the page work faster and appear higher in the Google search.
The app allows to choose between lossy or lossless compression to reduce the image size:

With lossless compression, a store owner doesn't have to sacrifice any bit of the original quality of the image. However, sometimes it is more reasonable to give away a small amount of the image quality (most often invisible to the human eye) to significantly reduce the weight of website files.

The app uses both these methods to best fit the image and site. Dropshippers may choose whichever works best for them.
2. Automatic optimization of the file name and ALT tags
Few people know that file names and ALT tags play an important role when it comes to search engines. Minifier app works on making them as effective as possible.
Minifier - Shopify Image Optimisation App Overview
3. Best image file format analysis
Minifier app examines the possible variations and chooses the best suitable image format to fit into a Shopify dropshipping store.

Faster page load means happier customers, better user experience. Lightweight images, optimized file names and alt-tags are essential for SEO-friendly store.
Reasons to Install Shopify Image Optimisation App
Minifier app targets the following results:

  1. Improved dropshipping store load time > in the era of mobile-first approach you provide shoppers what is expected as default which is mobile friendliness and better customer experience. I bet the majority of your customers shop from mobile phones.
  2. Improved search engine ranking > optimization helps to get organic/free traffic
  3. Optimized images file sizes, ALT tags, and filenames > again, you may get free traffic of the audience that uses Google Image Search.
How Much Minifier Costs
It costs 1-2 cents per an image. The total amount is displayed after a user selects options needed and the app collects all the images.
Note: Due to the Shopify policy, the minimum payment for an optimization is $0.50. That is to say, if optimization is worth less, a user will be charged $0.50.
In short about Minifier
  • Key task: Improve pages load time to increase conversion rate
  • Features:
    • Optimization page images
    • A choice between lossy or lossless
    • Auto optimization of the file name and ALT tags
    • The best image file format analysis
  • Implementation method: Reduce image size without losing quality
  • Cost: 1-2 cents per image
  • Rating of Shopify App Store: 5 out of 5
Some of 492 reviews on Shopify App Store:
Has done well job ! optimization done without losing quality of pictures. thanks !
On Fait La Paire
posted on Apr 11, 2018
Wish I had found this earlier! Get this app. It's really worth it and much needed. Would definitely recommend!
The Cuteness Shop
posted on Mar 12, 2018
Absolutely fantastic. This is a must-have. If you are not using it, then you are throwing money away. Each millisecond of load time can hurt your conversions. Minifier can take off seconds of load time. I just used it to optimize 50 images and slashed over 10MB off my website and it cost me... ...$1.00. I highly recommend using Minifier. Like right now. Stop reading this and get this app. Thanks, Minifier!
Stern Healing 2
posted on Feb 27, 2018
Amazing app, even though I dont understand what it does, but it does it. Just select a couple of tick boxes and it does its work in the background. I tend to run it every couple of months or if I have just uploaded a load of new products to get my images to the right sizes. Excellent
Cloud Vaping Uk
posted on Apr 4, 2018
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