February 24, 2018

Mother's Day: Promo Ideas and Hot Selling Items for Dropshipping

According to NRF's annual survey, Mother's Day is the third largest retail holiday in the United States. Americans expect to spend more than ever on Mother's Day this year as they shower mums with everything from jewelry to outfits.

In 2018, Mother's Day will fall on May 13 everywhere in the world except the UK (March 11). Everyone has a mother and we all love them. There is no doubt, your customers are mother-lovers, so every dropshipping store should start preparing now to get ready for the holiday and deliver orders in time.

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Be aware while running your targeting campaigns that people buy gifts not only for mothers but every type of women: New mothers, Stepmothers, Mothers-in-law, Grandmothers, Wifes, Sisters, Daughters, Friends, Godmothers.

16 Mother's Day Marketing Ideas for Dropshipping

Two months and a half are left till Mother's day, it means pre-holiday period has started for dropshippers. There are lots of possibilities for launching new campaigns. Both beginners and experts of dropshipping have chances to stand to gain from promotion within the next month.

Today we share with you 16 marketing ideas you may implement to encourage consumers to spend on themed gifts on your dropshipping store and get the most from the holiday.
Create a gift guide with gift ideas: Not everybody has a present idea before purchasing. Many of us annually struggle. Create a gift basket for every kind of mum: teacher, lawyer, yoga lover, party lover, musician, etc. It may take time but will be very helpful.
Use cross-promotion with business partners: You may increase your customer base if you offer your customers coupons with a discount on your dropshipping store, and your partners offer the same to their customers in return.
Mother's Day Dropshipping: Marketing Ideas and Hot Selling Items
Cooperate with bloggers: If your product may be a great gift, you may tell about it to your potential customers. Ask an influencer to shout out and recommend your product as a gift idea.
State a return policy: When people buy gifts, they often need to learn return conditions.
Plan sales on certain days: Encourage consumers to purchase earlier by engaging them in promotional offers with time-limited sales.
Customize your dropshipping store: Set the festive mood by adding festive text and images to your store.
Mother's Day Dropshipping: Marketing Ideas and Hot Selling Items
Add coupons to purchases: Motivate customers to repeat purchasing by adding coupons for further buying. This helps to build a lasting relationship with clients.
Mother's Day Dropshipping: Marketing Ideas and Hot Selling Items
Send a series of festive emails: Email-marketing may be adapted to the holiday
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Offer gift cards: Gift cards are popular on holidays. Offer them to your customers.
Mother's Day Dropshipping: Marketing Ideas and Hot Selling Items
Run a competition: Use social networks to engage your customers by offering them to send their pictures and take the part in a competition.
Mother's Day Dropshipping: Marketing Ideas and Hot Selling Items
Create Instagram or/and Twitter hashtag: Encourage customers to share pictures with the hashtag.
Create Pinterest Board with Mother's Day DIYs: Pinterest is an extremely popular resource with ideas, make it work for you.
Offer free shipping: It's well-known that free shipping motivates online shoppers to purchase
Mother's Day Dropshipping: Marketing Ideas and Hot Selling Items
Build a retargeting campaign: Launch a campaign for your current customers and store visitors.
Create the issue-related page like Macy's, Pandora, Marks and Spencer.
Post interesting Mother's Day-themed content not focused on sales: Provide entertaining and/or helpful content to your audience for free
Implement the ideas or use them for inspiration.
Total spending is expected to reach $23.6 billion – the highest in the survey's 14-year history, topping last year's previous record of $21.4 billion.
— Source: The National Retail Federation
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Mother's Day Dropshipping: Marketing Ideas and Hot Selling Items
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