October 5, 2017

New Crazy Product Winner: What Comes After Spinner?

Product Idea for Dropshipping
Surely, fidget spinners were a very successful commercial project. There was far too much hype around this product among both adults and kids. Recently a new fidget toy appeared on the market. Could it be a new fidget spinner?

What is Fidget Stick?

Originally fidget rollers were made for anti-stress purposes for those who are used to spin something round and round in hand. Later these toys became fancy gadgets. Many kids and adults were crazy about hand spinners. Though they were that simple that it was possible to make them yourself.

A new rolling stick called Mokuru is made for stress relief just like fidget spinners. One should place it on a flat surface and roll. Thanks to its shape a mini stick can be rolled from side to side. One may play alone or in a group.

The term "Mokuru" consists of two words "moku" (means "wood" in Japanese) and "kuru" (translated as "flipping").
How New Fidget Spinner Toy Works?
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Is Fidget Roller Dropshipping Business Opportunity?

A new stress reliever is small in size. That was one of the benefits of fidget spinners which caused their popularity. It is also multifunction: relieves stress, focuses the mind, entertains. There are several mastery levels: basic, advanced, expert.

A new hand spinner is a most recent toy for adults and children. No doubt it is gaining popularity literally every day. So, yes, a fidget roller Mokuru is a new hit and potentially top dropshipping product.
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