June 10, 2018

Top 10 Best Products to Dropship

Short list of best items to dropship
There are tons of requests "best items to dropship" or "best selling dropshipping products" made by those of you who only think about making money from dropshipping or have already started to run their ecommerce business. It means this topic is of great significance for online stores.
Being a dropshipping-oriented marketplace, we surely understand the reason. So, our Dropwow team decided to collect information about top dropshipping products, publish them here on our corporative blog and, even more than that, we plan to update this information at least once a month. So please keep tracking it and we will do our best to make your life little easier.

Dropshipping Definition

Before announcing the rating let's first recall what dropshipping is and what's the meaning. Those of you who are already on the board called "dropshipping business" can skip this part to find the list below. If you are newbies who reached this post somehow and need some explanation, we'll better follow a logical way and start from the beginning.

Dropshipping is a sales method when online shops neither keep the goods in stock, no care about shipping. One can even never touch a product he/she sells because suppliers manage not only production but warehousing, inventory, and shipping as well. The "number-one" factor that makes this type of business promising for newly-minted entrepreneurs is that start-up budget can be minimum. No joke.

Why Top Dropshipping Products are Wanted

It may seem that dropshipping retailers have nothing to do with the whole work (manufacture, storage, shipping) is done by suppliers. Of course, it's not true. Online store owners are in charge of niche selection, building a website, promotion. In general, this is it, we'll talk in detail about all the tasks in our further posts.

When retailers prioritize top dropshipping items, they don't spend much time and money on promotion as the goods are much-in-demand. Spending less, you increase your income. But in practice, the process of seeking for best-sellers demands analyses of trends, tracking new products releases and studying further advertising campaign.

The process of hunting after best-sellers never stops. This topic is in focus all the time - since website building till... the very end.
10 Best Dropshipping Products
Household hacksaw
A compact and portable household tools set is a dropshipping product that consists of a woodworking saw with 6 blades . It's multifunctional as it can cut wood, aluminum, and glass. The size is 9.6"*3.9". You may click the button below to see the wholesale supplier.

Category: Home Improvement > Tools > Hand Tools > Saw

Keywords: portable household tools, compact woodworking saw, hand saw set, multi-purpose 5-in-1 hacksaw, wood saw, woodworking tools, bow saw, portable saw kit for cutting wood/aluminum/glass

Google trends diagram:
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Portable dental water flosser
A fast and easy way to floss. The dental cleaning kit is portable. No batteries are needed as it's powered by air.

Category: Beauty & Health > Oral Hygiene > Dental Flosser

Keywords: portable power floss dental water jet tooth, pick no batteries dental cleaning, whitening cleaner kit

Google trends diagram:
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Anti-aging and whitening facial golden mask
Moisturizing facial mask with anti-aging and pigmentation correcting effect. It whitens and lifts face skin. Ingredients: Vitamin A, pearl powder, grape seed oil, collagen, water (aqua), glycerin, polyvinyl alcohol, sodium polyacrylate, tartaric acid, grape oil.

Category: Beauty & Health > Skin Care > Face > Treatments & Masks

Keywords: golden mask, anti-wrinkle anti-aging facial mask, face care, whitening face masks, skin care, face lifting

Google trends diagram:
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Medical silicone cups
Period cups for feminine care are one of the most popular dropshipping products. Look at Google search trends history and think about selling through your online store. These medical silicone cups are used as alternatives to tampons. There are 2 pieces in a package.

Category: Beauty & Health > Health Care > Feminine Hygiene Product

Keywords: feminine hygiene menstrual cup, medical silicone cups, lady alternative pads, tampons for women hygiene care, period cups, menstrual cups, fem care

Google trends diagram:
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Silicone cake mold
Nonstick silicone cake mold is a perfect pancakes maker. This cooking tool is also used as a mold for making eggs. The baking accessory is made for fast and easy cooking.

Category: Home & Garden > Kitchen,Dining & Bar > Kitchen Tools & Gadgets > Egg Tools > Egg & Pancake Rings

Keywords: pancake maker, nonstick cooking tool, egg ring maker, pancakes cheese egg cooker, pan flipper, eggs mold, kitchen baking accessories

Google trends diagram:
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Elephant plush toy
A cute stuffed elephant toy is a dropshipping product of great request. The big plush elephant can be used as a soft pillow for babies, an element of design or a birthday gift for kids. Its size is 23.6".

Category: Toys & Hobbies > Dolls & Stuffed Toys > Stuffed & Plush Animals

Keywords: large plush elephant toy, kids sleeping back cushion, stuffed pillow elephant doll, baby doll, birthday gift for kids

Google trends diagram:
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Non-stick grill mats
A grill pad is heat resistant and designed for BBQ and grill cooking. An anti-adherent pan is hard-wearing as it's black and easy to clean. The material is PTFE coating fiberglass fabric. There are 2 pieces in a package.

Category: Home & Garden > Garden Supplies > BBQ

Keywords: BBQ grill mat baking, grilling fried sheet, portable outdoor picnic, cooking non-stick barbecue tool, summer cooking pan

Google trends diagram:
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Anti-cellulite vacuum cups
Silicone cups are used for massage technique called anti-cellulite cupping therapy. One can massage up in home conditions. There are 2 pieces in a package.

Category: Beauty & Health > Health Care > Massage & Relaxation

Keywords: family body massage cups, anti-cellulite vacuum silicone cupping

Google trends diagram
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Zipper sliders
The type of material of these decorative zipper heads is aluminum metal. They fit for the replacement for jeans, pants, and coats. There are 6 pieces in a package. There is no need to search for a supplier, just click the button below to find one.

Category: Home & Garden > Arts,Crafts & Sewing > Apparel Sewing & Fabric > Zipper Sliders

Keywords: zipper repair, replacement zip slider, zipper slider, zipper head, zipper pulls, zipper pull tabs

Google trends diagram
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
Garden rubber gloves with plastic claws
Gloves for garden work are top dropshipping products. They are made of such durable materials as rubber and polyester. The key feature of the gloves is that they have plastic claws. These claws are alternatives to a rake, a weeder, and a mattock. All in one! There is no need to carry all the instruments all over the territory as these mittens may help in spudding and digging. The high-quality material protects from cutting and callosity. In addition, dirty gloves can be easily cleaned by only rinsing. Universal mittens provide both safety and convenience in planting.

Category: Home & Garden > Housekeeping & Organization > Household Cleaning Protections > Household Gloves

Keywords: garden genie gloves, garden claw gloves, protective, rubber, polyester, safety hand gloves, safety work gloves, gardening, planting gloves, mittens, ABS plastic claws

Google trends diagram
Best products to dropship - marketplace Dropwow
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