Why Dropwow Wins AliExpress?

October 9, 2017
"What's the difference between AliExpress and Dropwow?" This is a pretty popular question we get from online stores who search for sites like AliExpress. So, here is our vision how dropshipping marketplace Dropwow differs from AliExpress.

If you consider I'm not fair or keep something back, please express your opinion right under this post. Let's begin.

Dropshipping from AliExpress is Good

AliExpress is a big and known platform that connects Chinese vendors with dropshipping online stores. Popularity and a huge range of products with different costs are key features which attract buyers all over the world.

However, each medal has another side and AliExpress and not an exclusion. If you're an experienced buyer, you have already faced with some cases and know the marketplace from different perspectives. And as there were no alternatives with mostly Chinese vendors till now, in addition, there are instruments like an extension for importing, for instance, you may not just "live" with that but make a really good business.

Dropshipping from Dropwow is Perfect

Dropwow Dropshipping
Dropwow marketplace is a great alternative to AliExpress for those of you who run dropshipping business or search for websites like AliExpress for some reason. As AliExpress is made primarily and mainly for B2C (business to consumer) and not B2B (business to business) that's why dropshipping online stores have to either spend much time on some manual work or pay for automation and virtual assistance to save time.

You may think to say Dropwow is "perfect" for dropshipping is too much, however, let's recall the biggest "pains" of you, online store owners:
  1. Forwarding orders to suppliers
  2. Importing items from a marketplace to an online store
  3. Searching for the best products of the most trustworthy vendors
  4. Dealing with Chinese suppliers in case of refund and return

Believe it or not, these and some other troubles are already solved by Dropwow. The marketplace provides full automation. What is also important is that the marketplace is totally free.
Dropwow VS AliExpress: Comparative Table
Below you may find a comparison of two marketplaces where strong as well as weak points are mentioned.
Sites Like AliExpress: What to Choose in the End?
You have a chance to select any of these three variants:
  1. AliExpress
  2. Dropwow
  3. both
Yes, you may use both marketplaces together and there will be no conflict. Trying to use Dropwow when you already use AliExpress for dropshipping is a risk-free trial of Dropwow benefits on your own.
Dropwow Reviews from Shopify Stores
Dropshipping stores posted these reviews on Shopify App Store:
Todays Thrive
posted on March 8, 2018
What a great experience!! costumer serves is amazing!! and problem I have had has been taken care off quickly! would give 10 stars if I could!!
Cathup Com
posted on June 4, 2018
Hi I got my first order yesterday, yeahoo !! Im happy! App is easy to use, no problem so far, thankz !
Bmc Heavenly Fashions
posted on March 21, 2018
I really love this app great products easy to use. Placed my first order with them today no complications filling the order.
posted on March 8, 2018
Love the platform. Lots of high quality products with High resolution pictures. Prices are USD ,incase you are selling in any other currencies. it will only take a second to do the calculation. As future improvement I would love some descriptions and sizing information in general from the suppliers.
posted on April 20, 2018
Let me tell you that this guys rock!!!
its perfect for dropshippers!
they make your job easy as F!
thanks you guys!!
72 Limited
posted on March 26, 2018
New to this app and haven't yet had an order fulfilled on it, but love the product selection and the descriptions eith everything. Depending on how my first fulfilment goes, I will look forward to working extensively with them.
Dropwow Dropshipping FAQ
Questions we are frequently asked by dropshipping online stores.
How Dropwow provides quality?
Each vendor is carefully checked to ensure product quality. We approve only vendors with rating above average on AliExpress, Wish, Amazon, eBay. After approval our opinion is based on a buyer satisfaction rating and total number of disputes. If a dispute rate exceeds 10%, Dropwow blocks a vendor account.

You always have the right to start a dispute if there are troubles with order. Kindly check our Refund Policy.
Will there be any conflict between Dropwow and Oberlo?
If you are using Oberlo and AliExpress, there's no problem to integrate Dropwow into your Shopify store. You can use Oberlo with AliExpress and Dropwow all together. In this case, the orders for the items imported from Dropwow will be forwarded automatically to vendors.
I can't find some products on Dropwow. What to do?
Please send us the IDs of the products on AliExpress, if you can't find the products on Dropwow which you have imported from AliExpress before, or the items of your niche. We will negotiate with the vendor. It usually takes 48 hours to add the items you wish.
Are there US suppliers on Dropwow marketplace?
Yes, you can sell products from US suppliers on Dropwow
I have two Shopify stores. Should I register twice on Dropwow?
One Dropwow account can be linked with two Shopify stores.
Is it possible to contact vendors via Dropwow marketplace?
If you work with Dropwow, you don't need to communicate with Chinese suppliers yourselves. We will decide the issues for you.
Have questions which are not mentioned here? Please let us know.
  • AliExpress is known, however, made first of all as a B2C marketplace which means it's focused mostly on end-customers.
  • Dropwow is created specially for dropshipping business. All the features are targeted to ease and fasten processes for one specific niche.
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