Dropwow Digest with Dropshipping News 02/16


15 eCommerce Growth Hacking Strategies for Beginners and Startups

Listen to Your Customers. Keep Your Strategy in Check. Never Stop Improving (5 min read) Read now

10 metrics every e-commerce store should track to drive growth

The essential e-commerce metrics to analyze: visits, bounce rate, customer satisfaction, cart abandonment rate and more (4 min read) Read now
5 Ways Marketing Automation and Content Marketing Drive More Sales
New content alerts. Facilitating communication with followers. Streamline collaboration between content writers and subject experts (4 min read) Read now
How to Identify Micro-Moments in eCommerce Marketing
eCommerce sales are projected to reach 27% of all eCommerce sales by the end of 2018. Your goal in identifying micro-moments is to determine the points at which your brand can best serve your customers' needs (4 min read) Read now
Signals From Your Customers
How retailers can collect shopper signals: mapping, product location, indoor positioning solutions, chatbots (4 min read) Read now
How to Come Up With a Business Name
Focus on originality, appearance, no limitations, energy, simplicity (guide!) (40 min read) Read now
How to Start a Dropshipping Business: Starting an Online Store with Dropshipping
Here is a step-by-step guide for beginners. It takes 1 hour 30 minutes to set up a brand new dropshipping store
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Weekly Profitable Trending Dropshipping Products
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Impulse Products You Definitely Have to Sell
Dropwow Weekly Niche Choice: Dog Toys
The following Receipt was created this week to boost your dropshipping business productivity. It includes promising niche ideas, best-sellers and targeting parameters. All Receipts