Dropwow Digest with Dropshipping News 03/16


6 Predictions for the Future of Customer Service Technology

Face-to-face video communications will increase. Real-time messaging will outpace email. Bots (and AI) will help professionals, not replace them. Customer success will become a competitive differentiator and more (6 min read) Read now

10 Things You Can't Advertise on Facebook

Unregulated Supplements, Surveillance Equipment, Controversial Products - full list to keep you informed (6 min watch) Read now
5 Tips to Master CTAs (That Actually Work)
Don't say, "click here". The problem with, "Do this, this and this". Embrace action words. Don't try too hard to sell (4 min read) Read now
16 Visual Content Marketing Statistics That Will Wake You Up
Visual content increases message association, brand awareness, and engagement — and enhances the overall design of your website (3 min read) Read now
How to Design a Website Your Visitors Will Instantly Fall in Love With
Go for 'love at first site', let them know when you're available, Surprise them with a discount (7 min read) Read now
3 Golden Rules for Creating a Customer-Centric Company
Ask yourself how you can make your customers' lives better. Be everywhere your customers want you to be. Know everything about your customers (2 min read) Read now
How to Make Effective Instagram Shoutout for Dropshipping
A Complete Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing for Dropshipping
Does Dropshipping Work in 2018?
Entrepreneurs who plan well and execute their business model after complete market research and analysis, are sure to find success with the dropshipping framework
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Impulse Products You Definitely Have to Sell
Dropwow Weekly Niche Choice: Hiking
The following Receipt was created this week to boost your dropshipping business productivity. It includes promising niche ideas, best-sellers and targeting parameters. All Receipts